Season III


Guys i am really overwhelmed to see the response i am getting for this story. i have never thought it will be like and specially accepted by most of you. 500 likes in the last chapter is nothing less than a dream for me. to be honest i have never expected this subject to bag such a huge response. i had tears in my eyes seeing the love and support you all are showering. i hope every woman in this world who are suffering like khushi get justice and what else can i ask for. Thanks a ton for your tremendous support and i love you all. The girl about whom i am writing her is not well. just hope she over comes the situation and get what she deserves...

A small prayer from my end to the girl...
God is with you dear. i dont know you personally but i wish you gain enough strength to fight back.

Ch 08
~In Laws~

Anjali pressed her and hand tried to calm down "mera kaam ho gaya" (my job is done) she grinned inside taking 100% advantage of the situation.
"I cant believe it anjali baby, that daughter of the sl*t is trying to trap my innocent son?"
"yes mami, initially she tried to trap my husband shyam, woh to meye thi jo sambhal liya, par akash? He is such an innocent person. Mami you need to make him understand that this Khushi's is very clever and a home wrecker. Mami keep him away from his dayaan (witch) I am sure she is doing some black magic on all the guys of this house just to gain importance and also want them to dance on her tunes".
"never" mani shouted "I can never let this happen to my akash bituwa". That witch can never succeed in what she wants. Kamini kahin ki".
"aranv to mera baat sunta hi nahi nahi woh nani ki baat manta hai. Par I know my brother he will keep himself aloof from this b*tch".
"but anjali bitiya, we have to think of some other solution to this. We just cannot keep this girl in this house. The males are not safe in her presence. Today she tried her tricks with akash".
"nani! Even Arnav is out of time. God only know kya gul khilayegi?" (what she will do)" anjali rolled her eyes making the two old ladies all the more scared.
"no chance anji. I will make sure akash stays away from this female".
Akash parked the car outside the mansion and entered with khushi's requested menu. He drove really fast so that he can handover the warm food to her.
Whistling, akash entered the hallway.
He was walking towards khushi's room when mani stopped him in his tracks.
"kahan ja rahe ho akash bituwa?" (where are you heading towards?) mami said in a taunting ton.
Akash turned and saw his mother staning behind him holding her waist.
He fumbled a bit before replying, "erm! Maa I am going to give this food to Khushi"
"Why? Are you her servant?"
"Mom!" akash frown before his mother.
"she is my bhabhi".
"don't be blind akash, cant you see she is treating you like a servant".
"Mom! please for god sake Khushi is not like this".
"Oh! So now you are doing her tarafdari?" (taking her side?). "Bohot hi satir nikli yeh ladki". (she is very sly it looks like)
"Enough mom".
"Kitne din se jante ho tum Khushi ko?"
"bhabhi! Bhabhi hai who meri maa! And I don't need days to know someone".
"Hey devi maiya, please save my son from that chudrail"
akash just ignored her rants and walked towards her room.
"akash! STOP. It you take further step, trust me I will commit suiside".
Akash couldnot believe his mom was behaving so weirdly.
He thought of just chuck the idea to going to khushi's room and deliver the food.
Akash turned the otherways and went towards his room.
Mami sighed and turned towards the pillar where anjali was hiding. Anjali gave her a thumbs up and then both went towards nani's room.
"iss gandagi ka kuch karna padega" (we have to do something about this rotten girl) nani said.
"Haan nani, ek gandi machli talab ko ganda karta hai". (a rotten fish can spoil the whole lake) anjali said.
"aane do anrav bituwa ko'ussey baat karna hi padega'he has to choose between us or this woman".
Anjali smile inwardly hearing the statement from nani. "now no one can stop me from being the most important person in this family". She thought.
"bhai can never stay away from us. He have to throw that b*tch out of this house. Good work anjali. Ek teer se do shikar". She internally grinned to her success.
Knock Knock
Khushi who busy reading her book looked upto towards the door.
"arrey kaka aap?"
"Khushi bhabhi kya mein andar aa sakta hoon?" (can I come in?)
"Please come in kaka".
Hari Prakash handed over the food which was given by akash to Khushi.
Khushi craned her neck to check whether akash was there on the door. Not finding him she asked, "erm! Akash bhaiya kahan hai?" (where is akash bro?)
"woh apne kamre mein hai. Humsa kaha ki yeh khana aapke liye Arnav bhaiya ne bheja hai".
Hearing arnav's name khushi's face lit up immediately. She snatched the packet from hari prakash and started looking inside. "kya yeh'unhone'I mean Arnav ji ne bheja hai?...mere liye?" (this'Arnav ji has send it for me?)
"Akash ji ne yehi kaha hai humse". (akash ji has said this to me).
"oh kaka thak you very much" she inhald her fries and burger and gulped.
"kaka, will you please get me a glass of water?"
"I am sorry Khushi bhabhi, I had to lie to you regarding your food. Mujhe maaf kar dijiyega" (please forgive me)
Akash threw his towel on the bed feeling utterly frustrated by mami's act few minutes back. He was aware of the house politics but being a shy and non interfaring person he did not want to talk much about it. He knew regardly of whatever he says these ladies will believe what they want to. He really felt sad for the poor girl who was being treated like a trash by them. He was very much aware of the fact that Khushi did not have any food since morning and nobody cared to ask her also. He mentally made sure that he will send hari prakash to khushi's room and enquire about her fooding and comfort till Arnav comes back from his business trip. Akash sighed feeling terribly helpless.
Arnav wore his trouser and was getting prepared to go out when Mrs Gupta came from behind and kissed his back. Making cirlcles around his brownies, she bit him at the back.
Arnav grabbed her hair and pulled her.
"aah! Kitni baar kahan hai I don't like to be marked and I don't like this animalistic nature of yours".
"What about when you do it on me Mr. Arnav. Singh Raizada?" she bit his brownies and Arnav pushed her back making her fall on the bed. As she was holding Arnav along with her. Arnav fell directly on top of her.
She fisted his hair and tried to claim his lips. But before she could, anrav's cell phone beeped.
Arnav tried to stretch his arms to reach his cell phone but mrs gupta reached and opened his inbox.
Arnav was furious by now. "who the hell gave permission to her to touch his phone. Before he could lash out he heard her evil laughter.
"Tsk Tsk'poor girl" she laughed.
"give the phone to me Mrs Gupta".
"awe Arnav stop calling me Mrs gupta for god sake. Call me gazal. G.A.Z.A.L" she said seductively. Or maybe Jaanu".
"look that this fool. She thinks you have ordered her dinne" gazal crawled towards him and kissed him hungrily "here you are eating me and there she is thinking you are concerned about her food. Silly girl. Just like her father. Too nave and cold. Her husband is warming bed with the sexiest lady right now and she thinks he is missing her?" she laughed again.
Arnav very well understood that the msg was from Khushi. He immediately snatched the phone from mrs gupta and read
"thank a ton Arnav ji, you are sooo sweet. I was really angry on you because you did not call me since you left. I thought you are not missing me at all. But I was wrong. I am so sorry for thinking like this about you. I really enjoyed the food that you have asked akash bhaiya to give me. I am missing you a lot. Lots of love and kisses *blush. Will give you in real once you are in front of me. Please come back soon. J "
Arnav threw the phone on the bed and cursed akash for faking it.
"oh darling! Don't be angry forget about her and let us enjoy".
Anrav waved her hands off which she tried to wrap around her and got up. "I am not coming back to night", he said while sliding his t-shirt and slamming the door behind.
"Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada, you are mine and only mine. I will stop this night outs very soon. You cannot touch any other woman other than me. I will make sure I pleasure you to the fullest".
"OMG! Khushi! I cant believe you are here? EEEKS!" Payel screamed seeing Khushi entering her college premises.
"Hi!" Khushi gave her a weak smile.
"Khushi!" what happened sweety?
"Kuch bhi to nahi" Khushi tried to chirp but failed miserabily.
Payel grabbed her arms and walked towards their canteen.
"you are looking so pale Khushi. Is everything ok? I mean Arnav jiju…?"
Khushi brusted out in tears hearing Arnav's name. she walked towards payel and hugged her.
Payel was shocked seeing khushi's behaviour. She has never seen Khushi crying. Khushi has always been a very strong girl. Even after her father's death she took care of her buaji on her own. But today seeing her cry payel became really worried.
She cupped khushi's face and asked her "did jiju force…"
"kya keh rahi hai payel…how can you even think like that about my Arnav ji?"
"to tu aise kaise ro rahi hai?" (they why are you crying like this?)
"I am hungry" Khushi said between her sobs.
"To ismein rone ki kya hai Khushi?"
Khushi remained quite and looked down.
Payel made her look at her holding her cheeks, "did you in-laws misbehave with you?"
Payel could feel hot streams rolling down her hand which was placed on khushi's cheeks.
"Di told me that I cannot have my food in that house".
Payel was shocked.
"But why?"
"I don't know payel, jabe Arnav ji gai hai kisiko koi parwa hi nahi hai meri. Not that I want them but today in the morning when I tried to enter the kitchen Di stopped me and did not let me enter the kitchen. Later when I dressed up to come to college I tried to pick a bread slice, but she snatched it from my hand and said I cannot have food in the house. Mani ji and nani ji also supported her".
Khushi felt terrible and started crying once again. She was very sensitive with her food and when someone tried to hurt her with the name of food she felt very bad.
Payel immediately ordered some food for Khushi and made her eat.
Payel and Khushi were bossom pals and there was nothing which was hidden from each other. Except one recently developed secret of payel. Though she wanted to say but she couldnot seeing khushi's state.
Khushi came back from her college and walked straight towards her room.
"Arrey Arnav beyta? Tum to ka lane wale the na?" Khushi heard nani's voice. Hearing arnav's name she turned to see her prince standing at the doorway with his brief case.
Tears started forming in her eyes. Arnav's gaze fell on his wife and suddenly his heart stopped seeing her pale face.
In no time her long legs wrapped around arnav's waist and her warm breath tickled his nape. His shirt started soaking and her lips touched his cheeks.
Arnav moved back two three step due to the impact. Khushi flew on him and wrapped him in her embrace.
"I MISSED YOU SO MUCH ARNAV JI…please don't leave me like this and go.


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