Season III

Ch 22

Spending time with my wife ^_^

She closed the door behind her silently feeling suddenly down and grumpy. Her time spent with her Arnav ji had been the best time of her life. Last 15 days has been like a carnival. Being with her husband she realized he wasn't a man, he showed to the world. There were far more depth in those velvety eyes which only she could see. She was happy to find her husband smiling whenever he saw him in between his works and he was never irritated with her when she came out of no where and kissed him on his cheeks while he did some serious work on his laptop. Breakfast time was her feast time and she loved it. Surprisingly Arnav started to tease her with the food. Everytime he stole a bite from her hands living her frustrated to the hilt. But secretly she started admiring these small small gestures which started creating an unknown bond inbetween them. The more time passed, Arnav felt easy with his tiny, chirpy cute wife. "all good?" she heard from Arnav looking at his face which held a caring smile.
Khushi sheepishly nodded and went back to her grumpy mood. Strangly, she did not want to go to her collage. She was already feeling low that she had to leave Arnav for few hours now.
Arnav glanced at Khushi time to time while driving through the busy street of Delhi sensing something was terribly wrong with his wife. She seemed to be absolutely fine and healthy till yesterday but now she looked gloomy and sad.
He knew he needed to talk to her. Infact he can talk to her now, after what they have shared in last 15 days Khushi was someone with whom he felt like being this true self. He loved showing his concerns towards her and they strangly did not hurt her ego. It felt as if it was the right thing to do. Natural. With Khushi, he was natural, he was Arnav. Not ASR any more.
Switching off the engine he gave a good look towards his pouting wife, who seems to be lost somewhere.
"Hey cara!" Arnav nudged her.
"Haan?" Khushi looked at him slightly bewailed.
"Whats the matter?" he tucked her fringes behind her eards and feeling his touch Khushi pouted more.
She threw her arms around him and dug her face to inhale his masculine scent.
Instinctively, Arnav looped his arms around her shoulder and brushed her hair. "What happened?" he barely whispered across her ear lobes.
"I am already missing you Arnav ji" Khushi said in a low voice and Arnav couldnot hold his little smile. The fact was that even he started missing her since morning. He cursed himself for convincing Khushi to start her collage instantly regretting.
"Hey" he purred and kissed between her hair. He loved to do that most of the time. Her fruity shampoo was addictive. Wrong, her little, cute wife was infectious. "I am going to miss you too".
"Really?" her dow eyes light up at the announcement and she desperately searched in his eyes. "I thought you got bored with mer Arnav. Bored with my ever annoying rants" she pouted and rested her head on his shoulder. As if it was the most natural thing to do, Arnav leaned his head and rested on her temple. And then slowly entwined his fingers with hers and put it against his mouth to kiss her.
Khushi sighed audibly and closed her eyes. "I wish I could spend some more time with you Arnav ji. Last few days have been the best days of my life".
"Mine too" Arnav admitted proudly. "I love spending time with you cara".
Khushi kissed him sideways just below his eyes and whispered sweet nothing.
"I don't want to go to collage Arnav ji" she protested clutching his shirt, crumbling with her tiny fingers.
"then don't go".
Khushi jerked up to look at him. "what?" she couldn't believe it.
"Ya...you don't have to attend if you don't want Khushi".
He saw her beaming with radiances and then frowned as if she was thinking something.
He reached her cheeks and brushed his thumb, "kya huya?"
"Arnav ji par mein itna din nahi gai so my attendence...".
"Mein hoon na? sirf yeh batao tumko collage jaana hai ki nahi?"
She nodded in negative sheepishly.
"Ok then done. You don't have to go", he announced and ignited the car.
"Par my homework's and notes?"
"Call you friend..kya naam tha..haan payal and take it from her".
Khushi was shocked to discover that he remember the name. Inside she felt a little guilty for discussing her private life with her. Quickly she reached out Arnav face and held her own ear. Pulling it slightly she made and apologetic face.
Unable to understand why his wife was apologizing he held her wrist and frowned and then he understood. "No..." he said in a low voice. "It was my mistake Khushi". Unable to form any words he pulled her towards him and hugged her tightly feeling horrible. Wasn't that a reason for his animalistic behaviors towards his innocent wife?
"Lets forget it Arnav ji, hum dono ki hi galtiyan thi".
Arnav sobered and kissed her forehead. "tell me kya hokum hai?" he grimed.
"hokum? She almost laugh. "My Arnav ji never takes hokum, he gives hokum".
"Not when he would like to make his little wife happy", he said proudly.
"oh Arnav ji. Par I don't want to disturb you. you will be going to the office after 15 days", Khushi pouted.
"hmm so you can come with me sweetheart".
"Me? I mean no.." she suddenly tensed up.
"why not? The office as yours as much as mine remember?" Arnav said flatly without any hesitation.
"Yes but like this?" she pointed towards her dress.
"You look perfect" he encouraged her.
"but what will we do in the office?"
"you can stay in my chamber browse few books from my e-library or maybe help me out with my work which I would love to discuss with you. then we would have lunch together and I would spend my free time with you whenever I have some free time".
"you think that's possible?"
"Just say yes and then you will see".
"Can I study in your room as well? And can I call payal to take notes and study together in your library?" she asked hopefully.
"Of course you can. I would ask someone to arrange for two tables and your personal mac desktop if you need during your studies".
"Oh Arnav ji" she threw her arms around almost jumping on his lap and kissed him all over his faces.
"I love you so much" she hugged him with all her heart.
"so shall we get going?"
"Yes" she replied excitedly.
She got down from his lap and buckled herself and just when they were about to move out of the collage compound, his eyes went on the passer by.
He hauled suddenly with a scratch startling Khushi.
"akash?" he saw with a frown.
"Akash bhaiya? Kidhar?" Khushi asked craning her head.
"He went that side" Arnav pointed towards the canteen.
"What will he do here Arnav ji..I am sure you must have mista...wait..." Khushi's eyes suddenly became wide in anticipation.
"Oh my god Arnav ji...I am sure he had come to meet his girlfriend".
Khushi was about to open the door when Arnav held her hand and glared at her. "Khushi this is wrong sneaking at someone.
"Oh Arnav ji aap buddhu ho" she hit his forehead playfully and whispered. "chup chup ke pakad ne mein maza ayega" he giggled.
"Come na please" she made a puppy face and Arnav couldnot believe that he gave him and silently started to follow his crazy wife after locking the door.

"Khushi! Listen to me", Arnav tugged her towards him. "This is a bad idea", he said pointing towards the area where Akash had gone.
"No Arnav ji trust me this is going to be so much fun", Khushi said with a mischievous glint. Clapping her hand she twirled once. "Oh god Oh God I am so excited. I have never caught anybody romancing in my life you know".
Arnav arched his eyebrows amusingly. "Unbelievable Khushi. You are a married woman cara" he said politely.
"Ok fine you don't have to come with me. Jaiye aap apna office mein" she faked anger and turned her back towards him.
Arnav hugged her from behind and whispered, "only for you".
Khushi widened her eyes in excitement and quickly stole a kiss from his cheeks and pulled him along with her.
"Mad female" he muttered under his breath and a slow smile crept on his sensuous lips.
"Jaanu, this is the only way we can go about it".
"Stop being ridiculous Akash. We cannot marry right now. I have to complete my university and you haven't started your office properly.
"But this baby? I cannot leave you or the baby alone in that shady little rented place.
"I will manage Akash trust me" the girl caressed his stubbles and pecked him lightly sitting between his legs leaning her back on his chest.
"But I am so worried jaanu. I have to find out some way to keep you safe and at this stage I cannot let you on your own. You are carrying my baby and at this point you and this baby are the two most important thing in my life" he sighed audibly.
"There is no other way, you have to get married to my brother miss. You are carrying Raizada seed and Akash will never leave you like this", an authorities tone buzzed both the lovebirds' ears.
"Bhai?" Akash got up clumsily. The girl beside her stood looking at the female whose mouth formed a perfect O and her eyes popped out like a ping pong ball.
"Khushi!" the girl wishpered biting her lashes before pointing towards the man standing beside her, gesturing i-am-in-love-with-this-man.
Before Aranv could talk further Khushi almost sprinted towards Akash's girl-friend muttering "Oh my god" and hugged her dearly.
Both the men stood in aw seeing the two women accusing god knows what, because the spoke in a rocket speed only they could understand.
Arnav finally made his way towards his brother and gave a warm squeeze on his shoulder. "Don't worry bro we are going to handle this. And you are absolutely right. She needs you more than anybody. It is better you guys get married".
"Par bhai you know mom"...
Before Akash could say further the girl came and stood beside him.
"Oh bhai, this is payel, my girl-friend", Akash said proudly pulling her in his arms. "and Payel this is my elder brother Arnav.
"Akash you never said you belong to Raizada family". Payel protested with a pout.
"That's because you told me that you don't like rich man and that you want someone who is simple in your life. I was afraid that by hearing my surname you might runway without giving me a chance", Akash confessed sadly.
"Aw baby you love me so much?" Payel hugged him sideways and forgave him for his little lie.
"haye!" the other female gush over the romantic site earning a surprised look from Arnav.
Khushi came beside Arnav and looped her arms around his and kissed his cheeks.
"Khushi!" Arnav protested but he know she was like that all over him whenever she got a chance and slowly he started liking her attention towards him.
"But what about mami? Arnav ji?" Khushi looked towards Arnav who was driving the car heading towards the mandir to get his brother married.
"Khushi what is important is Akash and Payel love each other and they want to share the rest of their lives together so who cares what others think?"
"Yes, I am not going to leave Payel like this", Akash stated then pecked on Payel's lips.
Khushi blushed seeing them so intimately and turned towards Arnav, who made a serious face not showing any sign of romance.
Payel and Akash got married in the mandir. Their witness was Khushi and Arnav. Arnav arranged for their legal documents and announced that they will be able to sign on papers after a month. And also promised that he will be beside them what so ever as far as they are together. Khushi too promised payel to lend her full support and to protect her from the Raizada woman.
Payel on the other hand promised Khushi silently that she will be her shield now onwards making sure she will give it back to the whoever tried to mess with Khushi and was the reason for her distress not giving her food.
Akash was indebted to Arnav for his support and convincing Payel to marry him so he promised himself that he will protect his brother and sweet sister-in-law, who was more than a sister to him from evil eyes. He was a little happy to see Arnav at ease with Khushi who started to share his decision with her. He hoped Arnav quickly set that GG aside and come clean with Khushi. The sooner the better.
Four of them hugged each other and then headed towards Raizada Mansion.