Ch 01

Her beautiful honey coloured eyes sparkling with the tinge of golden eye shadow. Her perfectly shaped lips adored by peach glossy lipstick, she is looking no less than an angel today.
In few hours her dad's surname is going to be removed from her name forever. She will be known as Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada.
Her nervousness was evident from her tiny sweat formed in her forehead. Her palms already wet. She is just 18 and getting married to a man of 28. She knows ASR by his name. Her dad always discussed about him and his dedication towards his business.
ASR is no doubt a shrewd businessman who always takes right decision when it comes to business. Khushi has always heard about his praises from her dad.
When she was really small she meet him once in her birthday party but she hardly remembers his face.
"Arrey o Khushi bitiya, tum taiyar hiu ki nahi?" (did you get ready?)
"haan buaji, I am done, kaise lag rahi hoon meye?"
Buaji came to her and took some kajal from the corner of her eyes and put it behind her ear.
Khushi blushed a little when she did that.
"Jiti raho bitiya, sada khush raho".
Buaji hugged her back.
"Di, why are you all still here in the living area? When will you all get ready?"
"chottey we are not attending your wedding". Anjali barked in a dangerous tone.
"How could you say this Di? You are not coming to your chottey's wedding?"
"No just like how chottey ditching us by marrying that sl*t's daughter. I am sure how her daughter is going to be. No less than hers I guess".
"Di, you all are coming and that's final".
"Over and out. Now you tell me how would you like to go? Like a normal barati or you want me to force you all?"
"Chottey you cant do this to us".
"I can do anything Di, and you know it very well I.DONT.GIVE.A.DAMN. Now you all better come with me quietly".
"why are you doing this chottey? What magic that woman has done on you that you just cannot get over her?"
"Di, I just don't owe you any explanation".
"I am sure that girl has also done something on you. she is no less than a witch and I can never accept her as my bhabi".
"Who is forcing you di? Do you think I will ever accept her as my wife? Bull's Shit".
"She is just the hokum ka ikka for me. I need control over the entire estate and for that I need her beside me."
"Chottey I don't care about what you do to her, but I do care about you, don't ruin your life for those two witches. Trust me you will get a lot of good girls".
"I will not get GR Di and my plain and simple motive is GR. I want that in any cost".
Arnav's POV
Mrs Gupta, now you cannot fool me anymore. You don't know what have you got into. First you and then your sl*t daughter. You have ruined the organization with your stupid decision and that's the reason I had to start from the scratch. I have given my most precious 5 years behind this company after my dad's death and now I don't want to ruin our organization further. Only that stupid clause which my dad made I have to marry that bloody female. But I Arnav Singh Raizada know how to deal with it.
She will warm my bed every night and you every afternoon and then when she gives birth to my child I will throw both of you out from this organization and my house.
Tab tak ash karlo.
Evil Laugh.
"Aman, I want those papers to be ready by tomorrow. I want khushi's signature on it as soon as possible. She is going to be the executive director of the company".
"But sir, Mrs Gupta?"
"Ok Sir".
"And yes I want you to prepare my guest house for tonight. I am going to take my newly wedded wife over there after the griha pravesh is done".
"Ok sir".
Arnav's POV
Di, I know you are not going to accept her in the house so I better take her over there and I don't want that Mrs. F*cking gupta to disturb me on my wedding night. Dekho to sahi whether her daughter can satify me equally or not.
Evil Laugh.
Their eyes met. He saw her face "Damn how can a girl look so innocent".
"He is so handsome Khushi". Payel excitedly hit Khushi on her shoulder and Khushi blushed and looked down.
Arnav's Pov
"Oh crap, she knows how to act now that's interesting".
They exchanged garlands and looked at each other.
Khushi was extremely curious about the whole matter. She has always dreamt of Fairytale wedding and today Arnav singh raidaza arranged their wedding in a very grand way.
All the rasams were complete and finally by putting sindoor on her mang he marked her as his.
They both signed on their legal marriage papers and finally declared as husband and wife.
she cried a lot hugging her bua ji as she is the only person with whom Khushi has been really close. She has been with buaji since she was 6 years old. Her father wanted to keep her away from his mother so that she doesn't get to know the truth of her mother's pathetic nature. He made sure she was away from her and that's why he had chosen his sister's place. He knew that his wife will never ever go to her house. Her dad visited buaji's place time to time and took care of their needs.
They arrived at RM and everybody entered without welcoming the new bride inside the house.
Arnav held her hand. she looked at him.
"come lets go".
Khushi smiled at him and got out of the car.
The newly wed stood in front of the door waiting for nani to do the griha-pravesh rasams.
Nani came with a thal and performed arti in front of them. She did the tilak and was about leave when Arnav held her hand "Nani aaone khushi ko tilak nahi kya hai".
Khushi felt a little nervous. She always liked elderly person and she liked nani a lot during her wedding. But her sudden behaviour towards Khushi right now made her a little confused.
Nani unwillingly did the tilak and moved away before Khushi could touch her feet and take her blessings.
Anjali put the rice bowl near her foot and moved back.
Khushi waited for further instructions but nobody guided her.
She looked at Arnav and he asked her to spill the rice with her foot.
She hit the bowl and entered there house.
Everyone dispersed to their own rooms without welcoming her. She look at the retreating backs and felt a little sad.
She looked at Arnav who was busy messeging something on his mobile.
She came near him and asked "Where is our room Arnav ji?"
"We are not staying here tonight".
Khushi looked at him with confused expression.
"We are going to Guest House".


  1. Omg Arnav is evil.He is using khushi too :O

    He thinks she is just like her mom and is

    acting innocent.Poor khushi couldn't understand

    Why his family is behaving like this and what's


    P.s I am Marrie



  2. Arnav had an affair with Ghazala because of his father's company shares and he is marrying her daughter Khushi as per his father's will
    Poor Khushi , no one at Arnav's place is ready to accept her as Arnav's wife because of her mother. Arnav also thinks Khushi is like her mother

  3. Please let me continue to next eagerly awaited for it.

  4. Wow yaar recently i came across ur story in IF .. its really a different concept to write .. i appreciate ur boldness to right this ff on such a sensitive topic .. hats off..