Ch 03
~First Night~

Khushi shut her eyes as tightly as possible not to visualize what Arnav has just exclaimed to her.
"Kya huya dar gai?" (what happened you got scared?)
Khushi opened her eyes and saw him very near to her. She pushed him really hard but he managed to hold her waist and pull her towards him.
Khushi lost her balance and hell on his hard chest.
Arnav was about to comment something when she shut him off covering his mouth with his palm.
"Haw! Arnav ji! Apni biwi se koi aise baat thodi karta hai? Chii" Khushi blushed furiously before Arnav making him dumb stuck with her antics.
Arnav raised his eyebrows and looked at her.
She slowly uncovered his mouth and looked down. Shyly looking up he met her eyes with him.
Arnav pressed her hand and slid it down towards her butt.
She widened her eyes and blushed furiously "Arnav ji aap bohot naughty ho" (you are very naughty)
"Apni suhag raat mein koi aise behave karte hai?" (Do somebody behaves like this on his wedding night?)
Arnav looked at her amuzignly.
"To kaise behave karte hai?" he pulled her toeards him more, making her bossom crash on his hard muscular chest.
She tucked her lips inside her mouth and then snaked her arms around his neck.
"Pehle aap mujhe apne godh meye uthayenge" (firstly you have to take me in your arms)
Arnav took picked her up and took her near the bed.
Khushi excitedly smiled towards him feeling all shy and blushing madly.
Without breaking his eye contact he placed her on the bed.
"Ab Karen?"
"NAHI!" she screamed and pouted.
"Aapko itni zaldi kyun hai?" (why are you hurring Arnav ji?"
"Jaiye meye aapse nahi bolti" (I will not talk to you) she pouted.
Arnav closed his eyes and gulped his frustration. "God this woman. God know why is she acting like a teenager who got into this for the first time?" he thought.
"Khushi, don't you think this is too much now. I mean come on its already 2pm, lets get into business".
"Arnav ji even I had some dreams for my 1st night, aap woh fulfil nahi karenge?"
She pulled his hand and made him sit beside her.
"You need to kiss me first before we do anything".
"What crap he thought".
"Arnav ji! What are you thinking, kiss you wife na"
Arnav made a face and leaned to kiss her.
She placed her finger between her lips and his lips to stop him.
"Ab kya huya?"
Khushi looked down feeling shy. "Arnav ji, I want to kiss you".
Khushi saw his expression and leaned.
"Arnav ji am I acting kiddish?"
Arnav closed his eyes and sat back leaning on the head rest.
Khushi crawled towards him on her knees and rested her head on his shoulder.
She cupped his face and quickly pecked him on his lips.
Arnav had no idea that a kiss could feel so ticklish. He bit his lips to sooth the iching her had.
Khushi once again looked at him and then on his lips.
"Phir se peck karna hai Khushi?" he asked looking at his mobile now.
"Arnav ji, sab kehte hai ki kiss aise honi chahiye jisse dusra dizzy feel kare, aren't you feeling dizzy?"
Arnav just spun her around and smacked his lips on her.
Khushi gripped his hair while he plunged his tongue inside her mouth licking her sweetness and drinking her purity. Both of them traveled to a different world forgetting where they are what were they doing. Arnav was totally controlling her now. He caressed her bare back and felt her soft bossoms on his chest. Suddenly she twrilled herself on him and started placing soft kissing on his lips, looking at him, admiring him and his lips. She felt shy when she bit his lips a bit. She leaned and sucked his blood. She had no idea that a kiss can be so horny. One thing she understood his husband was indeed very hot.
Arnav untangled the dori and unclasped her blouse. Feeling that Khushi just hugged him tight.
He was about to remove his blouse when she stopped him.
"Nahi Arnav ji, yeh baad mein" (not now Arnav ji this comes later on)
Arnav threw his head behind in frustration.
Here he is ready to take her and there she is doing all nautankis
"Arnav ji, you need to open my jewellaries first, one by one kissing each and every part when you open it".
Arnav got up frustrated "Khushi, just go and change in the bathroom".
"Arent you going to help me?"
"No, I think I have had enough for the night".
Khushi pouted and made a puppy dog face.
She held his neck and looked at him. He held her waist and looked at her.
"How does she manage to look so innocent?"
Khushi hugged him placing her head on his chest and closed her eyes.
"Kahan phas gaya hoon yaar?" Arnav rolled his eyes throwing disgusting looks to Khushi.
Arnav picked her up again and made her stand in front of the bathroom. "Go and change".
"Par Arnav ji I don't have anything to wear na."
"were a bathrob and come".
"Ok". Before going inside the bathroom she pecked him once again and hopped inside the bathroom.
Arnav furiously banged his leg on the table and fisted.
"I just cant take this bloody innocent acts of her."
Arnav Singh Raizada, never pretended to be nice. He showed exactly what he was. And he hated people who had duel faced. That was another reason why he never liked Mrs Gupta, because she always acted innocent, bichari widow in front of the society which lately got changed. But once damaged is damaged for ever when it comes to Arnav.
"This Khushi is clever than her mother". He thought. How immaturely she managed to kiss him so that he thinks that he is her first?" what crap. You are forgetting miss gupta with whom you are playing with, this will not last long".
Arnav picked up his mobile and exited their room.
After freshening up Khushi came out of the bathroom in a white bathrobe. She searched the entire suit but she couldnot find him.
"Arnav ji where are you?"
She peeped here and there but he was no where.
Khushi sat on the bed and hugged the pillow. Thinking about their sweet kiss few minutes back she dozed off.
"Oh ASR baby come one sweety. Faster honey, you know I like when you do it faster".
"Aaah….yah….come on….baby….oh man….you are so sexy…..yah….aaah….i cant hold it any more….ARNAV…..yah…………OMG!...i am coming……"
Arnav rocked himself inside a sexy model taking his heat out on her.
He picked her up and slammed on the wall, digging her brutally and she screaming in pleasure and pain.
He inserted his finger simultaneously and stuffed her mouth with his mouth not letting her breadth.
The girl was struggling hard in his grip.
He bit her everywhere making her eyes bleed tears. Her mascura was all over her face, her core was swelled and sore.
He brutally squeezed her bosoms making her scream in agony.
When Arnav Singh Raizada was wild no one, no one can stand before her.
After f*cking her for good 30 mins they rested in each other's arms.
The girl was circling his nipples while she spoke "darling, how come you are here to night? Are you supposed to be with your wife?"
"Why? It looks like you don't enjoy with me now a days?" he said while lighting up a fag.
"Oh honey, you are just too hot to resist. Lucky chick, she don't know what she has got. The hottest husband in his world I must say". She said caressing his testic*es.
"Umm! Well I don't think she is my cup of tea Sheetal, she is too cold for me I guess".
"Oh poor baby, now what will you do?"
"Arnav Singh Raizada ke paas ladkiyon ki kami abhi nahi hoga, tum kis liye ho?"
Sheetal pressed herself on him rubbing herself on him she inserted once again.
"Kya baat hai? Kisi aur ke saath karke ayi ho aaj? Where is your force baby?"
Arnav held her hips and brushed it against him vigourously.
She was screaming when multiple orgasms hit her.
He took it out and came on her tummy.
"Oh man you are so good Arnav".
"what are you doing tomorrow night honey? Come to my guest house. I would be needing you".
"Oh Arnav I would love to come".
He opened the door and came inside the presidential suit.
He saw his newly wedded wife cuddling a pillow and engrossed in a deep sleep. Without disturbing her he picked her up and placed her on the other side. He closed the curtain and slipped beside her.
He untied tied the rob and opened it to see her.
She looked untouched, she looked teeny. Her small and cute bosoms attracted him in a different way. Her tiny nipples were now taut due to the chilled atmosphere inside the room.
He touched her nipples lightly just to have a feel of it. She just tossed and gripped him. She smuggled closed and rested her head on the crock of his neck.
That's when his attention went towards her long black hair. It was beautiful. Unlike her mother who has really short hair. Arnav was always attracted to long hair. It always added sexiness in a woman.
He opened his clothes and smuggled with her.


  1. Aww Khushi is so innocent,Cant Arnav see it in her eyes?I Hate how he went to sheetal to fulfil his needs but I guess thats how he is.He is Attracted to her.I Can understand why he didn't believe it was her first kiss but Can't he see from her untouched body that she is a Virgin?

  2. Loved innocent Khushi and the she kissed Arnav and asked him to take her to bed in arms
    I didn't like Arnav spending night with Sheetal for his desires but I guess he was like that

  3. So innocent tgis Khushi is .. hope arnav turns good to her .. omg what will khushi feel when she comes to know abt her mom n arnav , its really horrible ...