Ch 05

Arnav furiously walked inside the AG Premises yelling at Aman "What the hell is this aman, do you understand the urgency of this matter? I went to meet the damn lawyers in the moring and they said that the papers are not yet ready?"
"ASR I understand but what can we do? Unless we have your marriage certificate, which is going to come in 2 days time we cannot go ahead with this matter. And we have to call for a board meeting to sanction his proposal. Mrs Khushi Singh Raizada to be executive director can only be made only after approval of 60% of the board members agree to it".
Arnav thought while opening his sn shades. "Well Aman, other members are not a problem but Mrs Gupta, hmm!" he wore his glassed and entered the office, greeted by all his stuff memebrs. "Book my tickets to Singapore with Mrs Gupta, I will handle her there and rest you know your job. Call a board meeting in my absence and pass it. I want all the formalities done before we are back.
"ASR, another thing"
"Woh, I want to ask you about bhabi's account".
"Am I your borther aman?" he asked in a dangerous tone.
"Erm! No then why the hell will you call her bhabi?"
"She is your wife ASR".
"So what? Call her by his name.
"she dont deserve to be respected" he thought.
"what were you saying aman?"
"ASR, Mr Gupta's a/c with you needs to be transferred into Khushi's name as per his will. She has turned 18, so we need to do that."
"What the hell Aman, that is not yet done? What are you waiting for? Do that NOW, I don't want that B*tch to blow up anything else from that account. She has already done a lot of damage. Only I know how I manage to still hold back my dad's company. Uska bas chalta to she would have been sold his off also".
"Aman I hope she doesnot know about this secret a/c I guess?"
"No ASR, this a/c only reflects on Mr. Gupta's balance sheet. It is not even reflected on your joint things".
"Hmm! Good. Transfer that as soon as possible".
"But ASR what if bhabi, I mean Mr Gupta's daughter does the same thing?"
"She wont be owning about this a/c at all. We will make her sign along with the executive director's application and you have to do it".
"Ok ASR".
"Done then, just book two tickets and lag jao apne mission pe".
Arnav disconnected the call and thought "I know how to bluff you Mrs Gupta, only one weakness out of so many make me rule you". He smirked and entered his chamber.
He was pinned by a woman immediately.
She was wearing high heels, a black netted top, she owns a very slim and sexy figure. No doubt she looked ravishing in those skinny jeans which enhanced her round and sexy butts.
She slid her index finger and stopped right on his lips before claiming it furiously.
Both kissed each other brutally showing their aggression on each other.
"How are you ignore me ASR?" she sopked in between the lustful kiss.
He gripped her hair and pulled back to see her face and her perfect lined lips waiting for its predator.
"Were you crazy honey? You came to Guest house? How did you know that I will be going there?"
"I think you have forgotten, you have only told me few day before marriage that you will be spending your first night with me".
"Oh god, how can I forget? I told her to just keep her away from all the marriage things. I did not want her to berge into my house, which she does quite offen during my maariage rituls. I wanted to keep Khushi out of all these so that she doesnot come to know about me and her mother no time before sheesh mahal papers are with me and that is only possible when I have my own blood with Khushi. I hate my father for this. How could he just make such a clause?"
His trance broke when he found Mrs Gupta standing nude in front of him fore playing with herself seducing him.
Arnav smirked and picked her up "Mrs Gupta, don't even think of trying your nasty games with me, I know why you are here. You and your s**t daughter is trying to seduce me with your different tactics? No chance, namumkin hai yeh. I know how to make do what I want" he thought.
He dropped her on the sofa and claimed her big ones, sucking her brutally. She scratched her back and squeezed his butts gesturing him to enter.
"Hard! I want a it Hard Arnav".
"Anything for you honey".
She screamed his name in pleasure bitting him all over.
Khushi went inside her room to change, she noticed that everybody is throwing their cold behaviour towards her. She felt a little sad and pouted.
She took her phone and spoke to her Buaji for hours.
Khushi peeped outside her room to see where is everyone, but she couldnot find anyone around.
She tiptoed towards the kitchen to find some person working on the counter.
"Erm! Hi!"
Poor fellow looked at her and folded his hand "Namastey choti madam".
Khushi quickly held his hand and stopped him "Arrey Kaka aap kyun humme madam bula rahi hai? I am so much younger than you, call me Khushi!"
"Nahi nahi madam Arnav bhaiya ko achha nahi lagega"
Khushi pouted "thik hai aap mujhe Khushi bitiya bulayenge".
Hari prakash who was serving the Raizada felt nice for her warm gesture. "Thik hai bitiya"
Hari Prakash was a middle aged man, working for Raizadas for quite sometime now.
"Aap gupta ji ke beti ho na?" (you are mr. gupta's daughter right?)
Khushi looked and him happily "you know my father?"
"yes ofcourse I know him, he was a good man".
Khushi's eyes welled up thinking about her dad.
She quickly wiped her tears and tied her dupatta around her waist. Her buaji told her to make kheer for everyone in the house as it is a ritul but I was obvious that no one told her anything about it in the Raizadas.
With the help of HP she arranged all the necessary ingredients and started making it.
When she was about to pour suger in the milk HP ji immediately stopped her "Bitiya, Arnav bhaiya chini nahi khatey".
Khushi looked at HP surprisingly.
"Kyun?" she said steering the milk.
"Unko sugar ki bimari hai".
"Diabeties?" itne kam umra mein? She thought
"Maybe he had to take so much responsibilities after his fathers death, that's why" she pouted feeling sad for her beloved husband.
"HP ji, now that I have come I will make tasty foods for him that also without sugar".
"Kehete hai ki dil ki baat peyt se suru hoti hai" (it is said that love emerges from the stomach)
"let him come today, he will kiss my hands".
"Arrey Khushi ji?"
Khushi turned to see shyam standing near the kitchen entrance holding his briefcase. "What are you doing here?" he asked in a concerned voice.
"Jijaji! Aap?"
"HP, did not you tell khushi ji that in this house females doesnot enter the kitchen. What if something happens? Saale Sahab will not spare you".
"Jijaji, lekin kitchen is for ladies na?" Khushi asked him as she found the whole thing quite weird".
"No Khushi ji, HP is here to serve us, this is not your job".
"But jijaji, I want to make kheer for everyone, it is a ritual". Khushi pouted.
Shyam really felt warm by khushi's gesture. He has never seen anjali making things for him. She always ordered and made things done but Khushi, she is different.
"Ok, only today, not any other day".
That's when anjali came and stood beside shyam.
"aap? Aap yahan kya kar rahen hai?" (what are you doing here?)
"I was speaking to Khushi ji".
"But you said that you are running late so you did not even have your breakfast" Anjali said eyeing on Khushi.
"Erm! Ya, but then I saw khsuhi'."
He couldnot complete his sentence when he was dragged out of the kitchen.
"Waah! On her first day in this house, she is succeeded in pulling my husband?" she thought
"Listen, you are not going to talk to her, I am warning you".
"Stop this anjali, stop this insecurity all the time. She is a kid".
"I know you, I know you very well and I know her too and her mother".
"You are impossible anjali". With that shyam rushed out of the house.
"I know I am the best and even you cannot stay way from me Raizada. So what you are married to my daughter. I am far better than her and I know how to satisfy my man" eveil smirk playing on her lips while thinking this.
"What did that man thought? He can give his entire property to his daughter and I will sit idle? No, I married that ugly Gupta only for his money, I had no interest on him. I so wanted to aboard this child but I couldnot because the doctors said my life would have been at risk. If she wasnot there in between the money and me, the entire estate would have been mine. I wish she dies an ugly death someday which I am sure she will then the entire property and her man is mine forever. I have spread my pawns well and ASR is my most important my pawn and I am not going to let him be hers so easily. He is already smitten by all my beauty and sexiness, what will that teenager do? I know my tiger and I can only be his tigress. No one can satisfy him". She laughed.

Before any of you read this story further i would have to say this.
This story is based on several true stories. Yes it is. It is an absolute mixture of what is truly happening in the surroundings. this note is not for defending myself but to show you all a bitter world where things are not so mushy mushy and lovy dovy. Characters like ASR do exist. Trust me they are even worse than this. and sadly they are lucky enough to have a wife like khushi. I started writing this story for myself as i have mentioned that already with the teaser of this story. As it is fiction and is posted in an open forum i cannot write the rawness and brutalness what these females had to face.
I will give three such stories shared by three readers of PAWN. I cannot disclose their name and cannot write in details about it just a line or two.
Reader One
She said she was shocked to read such a subject when she herself knows a story like this which is real. she was traveling by train when she came across a woman scared holding a tiny form in her arms. after a lot of request that woman blurted out a similar thing to her but it is actually worse than this that girl's hubby wants to lust on his daughter. Can you imagin how pathetic is this?

Reader Two
She had been moved to other country when she came across a similar thing SIL and MIL relationship and for money only. she was mentally disturbed as that girl was her friend. the guy was still having affair with the MIL and was sleeping around even when she gave birth to their daughter. That girl wad just used like a tissue paper every night to full fill that man's lust and desire. she has never given the due respect that she deserved. she commited suicide after delivering the child. and that man still leaves happily with the MIL. But the child is away from them.

Reader Three.
Same case where the girl knows about the things. she is still surviving but wish to die one day. she has two children and her hubby still sleeps with his MIL infront of his wife caring a damn about it. She is too helpless for various reason to do anything.

Guys my heart bleeds thinking of such instances and i feel lucky enough and fortunate enough for not being a part of such senario.

My only motive in this story is giving insaaf to those woman and spread the word of strength for them. i cannot do anything for them physically but i can surely stop some people making them aware of such situations so that everybody around me a re cautious. I took this FF as a social work and the more comments and likes i get my FF i will sigh in relief that atleast so many numbers are aware of it. I so want warth for MIL's and Mom's like gazal gupta. they should just rot to hell. and no one can live in piece after so many curses. So i am happy to receive so much of curse and warth for Gazal gupta's character.
Khushi is ONS2 and Gazal gupta in Pawn are poles apart. One ready to sacrifice her life for someone elses child and other want to sacrifice her child's life for her own good life.


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