Ch 02
~The Road~

Arnav and Khushi both sat inside the car and arnav drove towards his guesthouse. God knows how many girls, women he has taken to the guesthouse before and today he is taking his wife there, in his very own den where he has lusted many women and even her mother.
~Flash Back~
"Oh baby, you are so f**king good, she screamed while Arnav brought pools of pleasure grinding her hard".
She gripped his d*ck and asked him to f*ck her hard.
"Aaah! God, you are so damn tough".
Arnav sucked her slightly wrinkled nipples and squeezed her big ones.
"you are freaking sexy" Arnav said in between his thrust".
"Man I have never f*cked such a hot woman in my life".
"I have never good such a strong man. My husband was incapable to satisfy my wants and look at you, but so young you exactly know how to satisfy woman of different ages".
She sucked his lips "Arnav, don't you think I am capable enough to satify you alone? Why do you need to have s*x with othet models?
"Oh baby come on, you know me, I cant stay with one person for long time. Varity is the spice of life. And I never had any problem with you spending nights with others".
He fasten his spead and she screamed in pleasure.
"Arnav I want to take you take you in my month honey, please let be pleasure you today".
"Nope, I cant let you do that, you know that I am not comfortable".
"you don't have any idea how good I suck".
"I am better griding you honey".
"Oh baby please let me taste you, I promise you will have no complains".
Arnav without wasting his energy on this horny disgusting old female he paced and made her cum before him.
He took himself out from her and went inside the loo to s*ag.
For Arnav singh Riazada, it was only money and money it is nothing else. He hand no interest in this woman. He knew her weakness very will, it was just s*x, s*x, and s*x and yes he can never deny that she is indeed good in her moves.
Whenever he did not get good chicks he ended up doing it with Mrs Gupta.
~Flash Back ends~
"erm can I use the mirror Arnav ji?"
Arnav looked at her once, she was looking at him cutely.
"It is right in front of you behind sun shade, you can use that".
"thanks", she replied before pulling down the sunshade and sliding the cover to expose the mirrior.
Arnav put a sudden break and looked at her "What the? What happened?"
Khushi felt a little embarrassed for reacting that way
"Erm, sooorry, woh, I never thought there was a light attached to it".
Arnav rolled his eyes and continued driving.
In between his drive he stole some glances at Khushi, just watching her moves.
He saw her lifting her maang tikka and admiring her sindoor (vermilion).
He rolled his eyes again "what a b*tch?" he thought
"I am looking pretty in the sindoor, haye na?", she smiled asking him the question.
"See Arnav ji, some of them dropped on my nose also".
He huffed.
Khushi folded her legs and sat straight.
"Pata hai Arnav ji, iska matlab kya hai?" (do you know the meaning of it)
"No" he replied in a very reluctant way
"Iska matlab yeh hai ki mere pati, I mean aap mujhe bohot pamper karoge" (it means my husband will pamper me a lot)
"Great, now she is acting all innocent, let me also see kab tak" he thought
"Arnav ji, aap kam bolte heye kya?"
"Pata hai, baba hamesha aapke baren mein bolte rehte the" (dad used to talk a lot about you) "how your run your business after your dad's death, how honest you are in your work. He always admired you a lot and so did it".
Khushi blushed saying that to him, she has never ever said that to any man what she has said to him. She liked him a lot, his persona, his grace, his attitude, his hardwarking nature and more over his honesty towards his work.
Her dad always told her how Arnav respected him and obeyed all his orders. He is a gem of a guy.
"Mujhe lagta tha ki aapko vanilla cake bohot pasand hoga, you know my dad always liked it so I thiougt evey businessman likes vanilla cake". So in my birthday I specially ordered vanilla cake because I knew you would be coming and though I always liked chocolate cake, still I ordered vanilla cake because I wanted to become like you".
"But you know what, I was very sad when you made a face right after I made fed you".
"I guess you do not like vanilla".
"Nope, I hate vanilla" he said flatly.
Khushi pouted a little.
"Arnav ji, kya aap humare saath itna chup chap hai? Yah phir aap generally itne chup chap rehte hai?"
"I don't like talking much".
Khushi pouted again feeling a little sad. "Par Arnav ji mujhe to bolna bohot achha lagta hai. Pata hai meye school ke elocution contest mein top karti thi. Actually who bhi meine aaphi se sikha hai. (you know Arnav ji, I love talking, and I used to come first in elocution contest in my school. Actually I have learnt that from you only
"Really?" he asked her raising his eyebrows.
"Haan! I used to watch each and every interview of yours when it came on Tv and also all your presentations when dad used to watch it at home".
"Infact I always aimed to become first in class so that one day I can meet you. Dad used to tell me how good you were in studies. He said you never came second in class. From that day onwards I put all my efforts in m studies because I wanted to become like you".
"I used to beg before daddy to make me meet you, but he always said that I can only meet you if I top in each and every standard".
"But why you wanted to meet me so desperately?"
"Because daddy said that you are my future".
Arnav looked at her and she blushed.
"Erm! I mean he said that you might become my future hubby" she looked down feeling a little embarrassed.
"yeh ladki to aapni maa se bhi barke nikli, she tried to trap from that age. She did everything just to come close to me, impress me, marry me? Clever she is, no doubt she was the topper in her class".
Khushi yawned feeling a liitle tired.
"Arnav when are we going to reach? Is it very far? Why did not we stay at home? I mean today is our first night and we are staying away from our house?"
"that was fast Khushi kumari gupta, I never knew you will call my house as your house", he thought
He made a sharp turn making Khushi fall on him. Her small soft bosoms touched his tight muscular hands. She immediately straightened herself and arranged her clothes properly.
"erm! I am sorry".
She continued her blabbering, which is now making Arnav frustrated. "Kahan phas gaya hoon yaar, yeh ladki ka to bolti bandh hi nahi hota hai, bol lo bol lo few more minutes I spare you uske baad tumhari bolti bandh kar dungi", he spoke to himself. (where am I sutck? It looks like she will never stop her blabbers. Well let her speak now because in few minutes I will shut her off)
They were near the guesthouse zone when she suddenly asked him whether she can open the window, he replied positively just to avoid her further blabbers.
It was then he saw Mrs gupta's car parked outside his guesthouse.
"Shit" he thought. "what is that woman doing here? Where the hell is aman?"
He furiously typed something on his cell phone and made a sharp u-turn making Khushi slid towards him.
"Cant you sit properly on the seat Miss gupta?" he said in a very serious tone.
"miss gupta? Arnav ji…aap mujhe…"
"shut up Khushi and wear your seat belt instead of sliding on the seat".
"Khushi felt a little hurt due to his rude tone".
She pouted at him and like a kid she fasten the seat belt.
Arnav drove towards a five star hotel. And Khushi kept quite during the rest of the journey.
She was a little shocked seeing him driving inside the hotel, she wanted to ask him but she kept quite as she was hurt.
He parked the car and dragged her inside the hotel, he did all the formalities, took the keys and pulled her with him.
He opened the door and twirled her inside the room.
"Lets come to the point now Khushi".
Khushi became a little nervous.
"you asked me few minutes back that why we were going to guest house instead of staying at our house?"
"yyyeah!" she uttered nervously.
"well Khushi, I don't want to disturb my family members while I f*ck to you. I don't want them to hear your screams when I grind you hard. Trust me I am not going to be very polite on you to night. I am wild, extremely wild. I guess your dad didn't say this side of mine Mrs Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada. Good that you have corrected me. I guess after tonight even I will be used to calling you Singh Raizada instead of Kumari gupta".
Arnav started walking towards Khushi without breaking his eye lock with her. She gulped with the very thought which he has just explained to him.
What is he going to do?
Will he be really wild on her?


  1. Oh Wow Arnav is a playboy isn't he? I feel so disgusted of Khushi's Mother what a biatch she is,Both of them Arnav and Gazel are using Khushi for their own purpose..Like a Pawn...ohh now the title makes sense to me ;)

  2. Ghazala is a disgusting woman
    Loved innocent Khushi and the way she respects Arnav and loves him.
    Arnav thinks Khushi is acting as innocent. Poor Khushi :(