Ch 07

Mrs gupta sat on Arnav and rocked herself on him moaning his name. his length was too tempting for any woman and Mrs Gupta was a sex manic. As she was the one of them she thought she can statisfy any damn dick. She rubbed against him wildly making herself cum furiously screaming his name.
She grabbed his hair and grinded herself brutrally. But for Arnav it was mechanical as always, devoid of any feelings, devoid of any want devoid of any pleasure. Only lust and lust it was.
He saw her ugly breast hanging near his face. Feeling disgusted he tunred her upside down and placed her leg on his shoulder, closed his eyes and thrust deeply.
“Oh baby come on, fuck me hard” she screamed in pleasure as he made his way towards the ultimate point of hers.
“Kiss me honey”
“pata nahi aur kitne ka leti hi yeh bitch, I hate kissing his woman”. He thought.
“Arnav, please take out your condom na, I so want to feel you properly”.
“Gazal, you know I don’t like engaging myself in unprotected sex” he said while thusting himself agaist her in and out.
“But, why Arnav? Don’t you trust me? You think I engage myself with others? Trust me baby I don’t, I am only yours and no one can satisfy me the way you do. And no one can satisfy you the way I do. Not even your wife”.
Arnav reduced his motion hearing about Khushi, “umm! but I guess she is your daughter and I think she will be as good as you are, kyun?”
“Oh crap, she cannot be like me Mr Arnav singh Raizada, if she was then you wouldnot have been here, fucking me in Maldives”.
I am sure you don’t even get turend on seeing her. She doesnt even have proper things to attract you. look at my bobbies aren’t they the best ones? The big ones?” she winked.
“Pathetic” he thought.
“baby please let me feel your skin, please remove the barrier.
“Gazal, we have talked about this earlier also and I have clearly mentioned about it that I wont do it without protection”.
“Ok fine, then let me suck you baby”.
Arnav purposely fasten his speed so that he let out his as soon as possible to avoid such questions from the woman
Mrs Gupta grabbed his nape and pulled him towards her, “why Arnav? Tumhe jo chahiye meye dunga”. (I will give you what you want)
Arnav frowned and looked at the woman lying beneath her. “what go you mean?”
“RAIZADA.HEIR” she laughed out loud.

After their hot session Mrs Gupta kissed him on his cheeks and traced his jaw line with her nails, "I will be back for the second session baby. Just want to utilize this grand opertunity to the fullest and show what I am capable off. I am sure no one can be so active in *** as I am with you baby".
Arnav faked a smile and traced her lips with his finger. She bit it and then made his way towards the bathroom.
Arnav covered his lower part grabbing the duvet threw the c*nd*m in the dustbin.
"high hopes" he thought.
"baby, with this s**t? then why do I have to marry Khushi? I could have got it from any damn girl".
"I hate my father. But Khushi is better off than this woman atleast".
He did not know why he thought Khushi is better than gazal gupta, when he himself had created a very ugly picture of Khushi in his eyes.
anjali went to open the door hearing the bell.
"Arrey aman, what are you doing here?"
"Umm! I want to meet Mrs Raizada".
"You mean Khushi?" anjali crossed her hand and raised her eyebrows.
"Yes ma'am, I want to meet her".
"B*t*h" she thought. "I am sure she had called aman to warm her bed in chottey's absense.
"You cannot meet her" anjali shot a glance.
"Excuse me?" aman was confused.
"I said you cannot meet aman. This house is not a brothel"
aman stepped back two three steps when he heard a male voice, "Rani sahiba, mind your language. Aapko pata bhi aap kehe kya rahi hai?"
"aap beech mein mat boliye".
Shyam did not listen to anything just walked towards aman and apologized.
"Aap please andar ayiye", shyam said and took aman along with him towards the dining  table. (please come in)
"Please be seated. Hari Prakash Ji! Please call Khushi ji down".
"enough anjali, just go to your room and you have no right to insult anrav's wife in front of outsiders.
"Aap hotey kaun hai yeh bolne wala, kya gul khilaye hai aap us chudrail ke saath?". (who are you to say this to me? Did she pleasure you in someway?) she taunted.
"Get lost anjali, you are sick".
Shyam held his head and grabbed the chair.
"Kaisa hai tu aman?" (how are you dude?)
"meye thik hoon shyamu, tu kaisa hai? Umm! you looked stressed and tera sheyhat bhi kharab lag raha hai". (I am fine pal, how are you?) (you don't look healthy)
"Mat puch kuch bhi aman, only for Arnav I am still in this married to this nautanki". (please don't ask me aman)
"this woman never let a go any chances to mock, insult that poor soul. She is not even settled properly in this house and the ladies are making it all the more difficult for this kid".
"Shyam ji aapne mujhe bulaya?" (did you call me?)
shyam turned to see a pale Khushi, full of dark circles around her eyes and puffy lids.
"Khushi ji, aman came to meet you".
"Umm, Khushi ji! You need to sign on these documents", he out out some papers and handed over to Khushi. The initial paper were the papers of executive posts and the paper in between those papers laid the account transfer documents which Mr Gupta has kept on his daughter's name.
"what documents are these?"
"ASR wants you to sign on these papers".
"Erm! Par aman ji, unless Arnav ji tells me I cannot sign on any papers. Please don't get me wrong".
"I understand and respect it Khushi ji, I think you will be receiving a msg from Arnav ji soon.
Khushi phone beeped she saw anrav's msg "please sigin on the papers which aman has got for you" Khushi smiled and without looking at those papers she signed them. She had immense trust on Arnav that she knows he will never take opportunity of her trust.
Shyam was shocked to see Khushi signing on the papers without reading it and said "Khushi ji, aap bina padehi sign kar diya?"
"haan shyam ji, papers Arnav ji ne bheja hai, tu mera usko check karna matleb unko insult karna ho jayega na?" (yes shyam ji, I have full faith on Arnav ji and if I check the papers send by him, it means I don't trust him. It will be an insult)
Shyam felt really bad for the innocent soul. He very well know about Arnav's whereabouts and his link up with Mrs Gazal Gupta, who was none other than Khushi's own mom.
Text Message Received.
"she has signed on the papers ASR, I am on my way to the office for the emergent board meeting as discussed".
An evil smile played on ASR's lips.
"You are finished Mrs Gupta, now lets see now who wins the game. Satraj khelne ka bohot shokh hai na? the queen is mine now and my kingdom is secured. Pack your bag before I thrash you out. Just waiting for the right opertunity. Here she conceives and there you are out from the Raizada and gupta empire you bloody *** manic woman" he laughed out loud.
Khushi went up her room and threw herself on the bed and started crying bitterly. Poor thing was scared to dark. It always haunted her like innumerous alian creatures trying to creep her. Yesterday whole night she did not even met her eye lids for onces. She hope that someone from the family would stay with her but non bothered to even ask her. She kept herself busy drinking water and going to the loo. Sometime she feared to go to the loo too.
She looked at her phone hoping to see anrav's call or msg but she did not get any except the last msg.
She was having temperature since morning, she even tried to tell nani but she give her a clod shoulder before walking out for beythak. (kirtan)
Feeling helpless she tried to sleep in the morning when the sun peeped through the curtains but her sleep was interrupted due to HP's call.
Weeping badly she called out her anrav ji's name. tears rolling down her soft cheek until she fell asleep in her soft pillow, cover herself with arnav's duvet just to feel his presence.
It was almost 9pm at night when she got up. She quickly saw her room, which was dark. She immediately panicked and shouted.
Akash who was walking past arnav's room, immediately rushed towards arnav's room hearing khushi's scream.
He entered and switched on the lights.
Akash saw a form hiding beneath the duvet covering herself totally.
"Khushi ji!"
Khushi slowly uncovered herself and rushed towards him and hugged him tightly.
"Bhaiya! Mujhe bohot dar lag raha hai" she sobbed clinging onto akash.
Akash patted her back and caressed her head "why did not you switch on the room lights?"
Khushi broke the hug and moved back, "I was sleeping bhaiya. And I don't know when I turned dark".
Akash made her sit on the bed and handed over the glass of water which was kept on the bed side table.
"You ok now?"
Khushi saw a brotherly figure looking at her with all care and concern.
"Thank you bhaiya. Thank you so much for switching on the lights and I am fine". Khushi managed to say after gulping down the water down her throat.
"good. You wanna eat something?"
hearing about food she licked her lips and tucked her lips in, "umm! ya".
"what would you like to have?"
"aap laake denge?" she asked. (will you get it for me?)
"Ya why not?"
"par di?" (but, di?)
"Di what?"
"Di aapko dantenge". (she will scold you)
"Kyun?" (who)
Khushi pouted, "I don't know bhaiya, di ko pasand nahi hai koi bhi mere saath baat kare to". (I don't think she likes anyone talking to me)
"Oh you don't worry about that sissy, kya khaogi bolo".
"Khushi suddenly became excited and clapped her hand, "I want a tub full of butter scotch ice-cream, umm some French fries and a zinger burger from McDo"
"yo! Kuch hi der mein aapke samne hazir ho jayega" akash chirped. (it will be in front of your eyes in few minutes)
Khushi smiled at his antics and quickly wiped her tears feeling a little lighter and happier.
If akash and shyam wasnot there to help her out in arnav's absence, anjali wouldnot have spared this little kid.
But the little akash and Khushi knew that a pair of eyes where witnessing the growing bond between akash and Khushi.


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