Season III



I am rating this Entire story as STRICKLY 18+ Not because it will have s*xually explicit containts but the whole concept is ADULT. I may decided not to give any s*xually content at all yet make the story very dark with just the concept and the series of incidents. I guess that will be more challanging for me.

I will be ever thankfull to princess for this. I cannot disclose her name whom i am refering to but i simply cannot write something not mentioning her. You guys can call her princess and I would also like you to appreciate her along with me if you decide to continue this new journey along with me.

No matther how less response i get in this story i will still write this story as i am writing it for myself for the first time. I am not writing it for fame. I am not forcing anybody to read this story so my humble who doesnot like the concept can read my other stories not this one. I think as a writer i can request my dear readers.


Arnav Singh Raizada is the man of 28 years. The name itself send goose bumps. He is termed as the Master of Fashion World. He has earned so much in life yet his hunger for money never ends.

Raizada's and Gupta's are associated for long time. Shashi Gupta who died mysteriously one fine day was the partner of Amar Singh Raizada.

Amar Singh Raizada was man of principals very unlike his Son Arnav Singh Raizada. He is crocked and a shrewd business man who never takes wrong decisions in business related matters.

Gupta's has 50% AR's stack. Mrs Gazal Gupta now looks after their business from Gupta's side.

There have been talks' relating Arnav Singh Raizada's and Mrs Gazal Gupta's link ups not only professionally but also physically. They have been spotted quite a number of times entering AR's private villas and travelling abroad together.

The man of late 20's and the woman of 50's were also caught in social parties putting hand in hand.

Mrs Gazal Gupta has a track record of sleeping with younger guys. She is always in news as far as page three is concerned. Her new found target has been ASR after Aman Singh Raizada died and his son took over their business.


She has faced humiliation time to time for her mother's attitude. She is termed as daughter of a sl*t's daughter. Many guys in her collage tried to take advantage of her. But somehow she is always blessed by Devi Maiya that nobody was able to harm her.

She was her papa's girl after dismissal of whom she was totally shattered. She lost all hopes.

His father was aware of his wifes whereabouts much before so to protect Khushi from that nasty female he sent her to her aunt's house who nurtured her since she was 6 years old. Their daughter Khushi has always been away from her parents.

But fate has other things stored for her, maybe even worse than she can ever imagine or may be a blessing in disguise.

Her whole world fell apart once again when she got to know that Her mother has fixed her marriage with a 10 year old elder man.

She is just 18, passed out from her high school. She wanted to study further but her mom who used to hate her from the day of her exsistance in gupta's and the very reason that the entire Gupta Property was in the name ok Khushi Kumari Gupta and her future husband from the very beginning. Mrs Gazal Gupta played her cards to marry her with her boyfriend. This way the guy will also stay with her for her lustrous nights and she will be able to rule Gupta and Raizada Empire both to satisfy her financial needs as well.


  1. Agghh that gazal is such a Agghh how can she use khushi like that?? I hate her already :/ But anyways Love the concept so real and interesting.

  2. Thanks Appy for access to this blog.

  3. Ghazals is using her daughter for money ..... So sad

  4. Pl allow me to access your blog,very beautiful story,I want to read after chapter 23 .thanks
    Sheeladw @gmail.com

  5. Pl allow me to access your blog,very beautiful story,I want to read after chapter 23 .thanks
    Sheeladw @gmail.com

  6. Very impressive dear I m new to it but really appreciate ur work. Eagerly waiting for next part