Season III

Ch 06
~My Husband~

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After Mrs Gupta left the office premises, Arnav was extremely busy with his lawyers. He was still trying to get hold of the sheesh mahal. Wanting to be successful in his mission, he just wanted to throw the mother and the daughter out from his company and his house. Seeing both of them infront of his eyes his blooded boiled but alas he couldnot avoid it.
The door knocked.
"come in" he said in his serious tone.
"erm! ASR the tickets are ready"
"Hmm, that's great. Just inform Mrs gupta about it and tell her that we will be celebrating our honeymoon in the beaches of Maldives".
Not hearing a single word from Aman he finally looked up.
Arnav frowned and gestured "what?" making a disgusting facial expression.
Aman cleared his throught and said "Honeymoon, with Gazal Gupta?"
Arnav raised his eyebrows and looked back in his laptop.
"Aur Khushi bhabhi? I mean Mr Gupta's daughter?"
"she deserves a better place than maldieves, she is my legal wife after all".
"infact she doesnot deserve to be taken to honeymoon. She is of no use to me. Not even physically. I don't even get turned on by seeing her. The only thing that she has is her pretty face which will make my future generation beautiful".
Once I get the property and my son, I will chuck her out of my house and life. I don't care where these mother and daughter does or what they does.
He capped his pen after signing on the check for payment.
"anything else?"
"umm! ya Mrs Gupta's director fees?"
Arnav took out some cash and threw it on the table.
"Give it to that bitch and ask her her reach airport directly. I wont be picking her up. And aman make sure Khushi sign both the papers and she shouldnot get to know about the account. Unless my dates and loans are cleared I am not going to allow her to take that money. She has to pay for her mother's deed".
"Noted ASR".
Aman was about to turn and go when Arnav spoke, "tell Khushi to join her college soon, I don't want her to disturb me like nagging wife. (saying from his experience thinking about anjali and shyam) Arrange it for her as soon as possible.
Khushi was almost done preparing the dinner for the whole family. Smelling and testing each food she sighed in relief.
Bidding good bye to HP she strolled up the stairs to take a shower. She was all sweaty after the exhaustive menu that she has prepared.
After coming out from from her bathroom, having a warm foamy bath, she slipped into her track pants and a cute pink spaghetti hello kitty top. It is one of her favourite.
Lazily walking down the stair her eyes caught the site of family members sitting in the dinnig table and having their dinner. She slapped herself in her mind and rushed down the stairs to join them.
"Erm! Sorry, I was taking a shower that's why I was late" Khushi said hugging nani ji from behind.
Nani ji removed khushi's hand and concentrated in her food. Khushi felt a little awcuard getting such cold treatment from nani ji.
Anjali who was having her bed time fruits, seeing nani behaving like that smirked and rolled her eyes before digging the fork.
Khushi looked at anjali and asked "Arrey Di, why are you having fruits? I have made so many food today for you all, why aren't you having those? Aur nani ji aap bhi, only soup? Aur shyam ji aap? Aap kyun yeh rukhi sukhi salad kha rahe hai?"
She walked towards shyam and removed the salad bowl. Placing a plate she started serving the food, which she has prepared.
Anjali instantly got up and held her hand. "Mind your own business" she shot a look at Khushi angrily.
Picking up the paratha, she threw it on thr floor.
Khushi's jaw dropped immediately, "DI?" she asked in confussion seeing such a drastic behaviour from anjali.
"don't try to impress my husband, you….whatever. you think you are too smart or what? Listen, don't try to come close to my husband, otherwise mujse bura koi nahi hoga. And for your information, don't try to interfare in our matters, what we eat is upto us. Who has asked you to prepare a meal for us? Do din huye nahi ayi ho yahan, malkin banne chali?"
"Malkin hi hai" same a firm reply.
Khushi who was in the verge of spilling her tears turned to see her husband standing near the door.
Without looking at anything she just ran towards her Arnav ji and hugged him pretty hard.
Anjali narrowed her eyes and shot a deadly look towards Arnav.
Aranv help Khushi's hand and made his way towards the dinnig space.
He knelt and picked up the paratha and looked at anjali in a very disgusted fashion.
"Di, how can you insult food like this?"
"ask her not to interfare in this house matters".
"yeh ghar jitna aapka hai utna hi Khushi ka hai. Infact a little more than you, because she is my wife and you are my sister".
"You are taking this girl's side? This girl? Who has been in this house for few hours? And you are misbehaving with your own sister? A sister who has taken care of you?"
"Lets not get into who has taken care of whom di, everyone knows the truth".
"when we were going through the worst phase of life, you have left me and nani and went with shyam. Now that I have regained that position you are back again".
Anjali felt a little humiliated and insulted and started sobbing. "You have changed bhai. But remember one thing you can never be happy with this girl, she is a bloody h…."
Anjali turned and rushed inside her room.
Shyam got up from the chair and gave a warm pat on his back while making his way towards his room.
Nani got up immediately after anjali left.
It was now Arnav and Khushi standing on the dinning area.
Khushi came and side hugged him, "Thank you Arnav ji".
Khushi was shocked. She did not expect him to say something like that.
"If they are not liking then there is no need to make food for them".
Arnav loosening his tie started walking towards his room.
Khushi came running behind, "Arnav ji! I have made those food for you specially".
Arnav turned towards her and grabbed her shoulders, "mujhe aadat nahi hai ghar ka khana, khana, and another thing I don't have dinner. Almost everyday I have appointment with someone or the other".
Khushi felt a little sad seeing Arnav walking away from her. Her stomach was grumbling due to hunger but her hunger died instantly when Arnav just walked away.
Khushi came to her room and closed the door. For the first time she made something for him and he did not even touch it forget about having it.
Pouting she went straight towards her cupboard to get the quilts.
Suddenly she saw him coming out nude from the bathroom.
Her jaws dropped and she went numb.
Her eyes traveled from his face, then his neck and those tiny droplets of water wanted to be devoured by her, then his ripped muscles in his arms, his wide V shapped hairy chest, his toned Abs, then his manhood.
She gazed him there out of curiocity when arnav’s eyes fell on her. Raising his eyebrows he walked towards her.
She gulped seeing him coming towards her like a preditor. She started moving back.
“arnavvvv ji!”
Arnav did not release the eye lock.
“Arnaaav ji!”
“I know my name Khushi”.
“Naaaahi, woh apne kuch”
Suddenly she felt herself getting crashed on his ripped muscles.
He picked her up and threw her on the bed.
Sliding her panties he inserted his finger without warning her.
She winced in pain when he did that.
He flicked his finger inside her vibrating vigoursly, while Khushi was too shocked to react. She did not even realize what was he doing to her.
She became sore in now time and held his hand to stop fingering her. But he locked her hand and continued to finger her.
“You…are…hurting me Arnav ji….aaah! please stop it”.
He did not know why but he suddenly had an urge to kiss her there. He quickly replaced her finger with his tongue and plunged it inside her vagina. He bit her flaps making her cry in pain.
She tucked his hair feeling extreme pain and extreme pleasure at the same time.

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