Ch 18

~We connect~
Just when his eyes felt tired and he drifted to sleep, he sensed some moments again. It is Khushi who came up to her husband once again unable to find warmth in her hospital bed. Arnav slowly whispered "come" and held her hand. Khushi gave him the most gorgeous smile of acknowledgement and bit her lips then slid down beside her devil husband, whom she was making all effort to prove him her prince charming. Whole night Arnav slept taking Khushi in his arms, giving her warmth to comfort her and Khushi like a baby curled up against Arnav's chest kept on breathing deep. Arnav could make out from her breath that she was relaxed and her sleep was deep. Arnav kept his hand in safe place and made sure in no ways she get an impression that he was taking an opportunity of their closeness. He never tried also, in fact he tried maintaining the minimum distance which was requited.
He kissed her in between her hair, just like he always did and smuggled up crashing her with him but politely. He could sense her smiling feeling him around. Arnav slowly closed his eyes feeling tired after so many days and drifted off to sleep.
Khushi was the first one to open her eyes when the sun penetrated in her room, making the atmosphere bright and happy. Last two days it had been constantly rainy and gloomy, but the morning was like a new beginning of her life. The rising sun, that brought her husband back with her. Right beside her, holding her and caring for her.
She slowly looked at her husband who was sleeping with his mouth open, just like a baby and she giggled loving to watch her husband like an innocent kid sleeping in his mother's arms. Khushi slid her arms and circled him to take him more close to her and kiss him lovingly on his cheeks arms a deep breath from Arnav. As if he waited for that kiss to happen. Khushi traced her husband's face and admired, slowly tracing his lips she whispered "i'.love'.you Arnav ji", she chuckled, "a lot", feeling shy she bit her lips.
Still resting her head comfortably on her husband's chest she looked through the window to find the smiling sun. She looked closely towards the sun and suddenly she imagined her father's face smiling towards her. As if her father was standing right in front of the window and witnessing her daughter receiving the desired warmth and care from his husband. His expression was proud, proud of his daughter for fighting her own battle and making his man in her arms his, melting him according to her and winning him back in her life.
"dad" she whispered almost gulping down the lump that formed thinking about her dad and the moment she called him, as if he heard her, the sun rays became brighter and fell on the cuddling couple as if her father was blessing them both with his warmth.
Arnav winced a little, crumbling his eyebrows and tried to avoid the light which fell on his face. Khushi sensing his discomfort adjusted her head in such a way that it blocked the sun from disturbing her sleeping husband.
She kept on looking at the window, imagining her father's face when an unknown tear slipped down and touched arnav's chest.
What a sun's ray couldnot do a wife's tear did, he woke up and that to panicking a bit.
"Khushi!" he slightly jerked ahead trying to know where she exactly is then relaxed back on the pillow finding her lying in his chest. He traced her cheeks with his hand and wiped her tears.
"What happened?" he asked her urgently, "is everything alright?"
Khushi kept quiet trying to gather herself, trying not to show her weaker side towards her husband.
"you are freaking me out Khushi, why are you crying? Are you'.", he chocked, ''are you bleeding? Is it paining?" Arnav asked still lying in the same position not able to understand what to do. The bell was attached with the bed not with the sofa, so to call the nurse he have to get up and then press the calling bell and it was not possible at that moment when Khushi was on top of him.
Khushi turned her head towards Arnav and said, "I am fine Arnav ji" but her tears disagree to obey her words they fell on his chest once again and somehow Arnav felt the greatest pain in his heart seeing her crying. It is not that she has not seen any woman cry, he has seen his Di for example, but he knew those were fake. But Khushi's tears were not fake, and that bothered him the most. "What could have happened? Why is she crying all of the sudden? Whole night she was fine as there was practically no movement from her side, she kept sleeping comfortably.
"what is the matter?" Arnav asked her politely kissing her forehead. And the moment he kissed her she threw her hand around him and started crying bitterly.
"I am missing dad Arnav ji, I am missing him so much", she said in between her sobs.
Arnav froze immediately feeling guilty at the same time helpless about her condition.
"you know Arnav ji, dad loved you so much".
Again a pang of guilt hit arnav's chest.
"he used to call you my rajkumar, my prince charming".
Arnav closed his eyes in pain and cursed himself under his breath. He was a saitan, not a rajkumar for Khushi. He married him for his own profit, planned to ruin her life just to take revenge on that GG. But in between all these he forgot to be human. Arnav Singh Raizada was a beast and he had proven many times by taking her brutally.
"and you know he came today, he was standing right behind the window seeing us like this, happy and content", she whispered against his nape.
Arnav opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling blankly for sometime, trying to register what Khushi said. She just said her dad came here to witness them? That means the rain which he felt wasn't actually the rain, it was indeed her dad who came and made him realize his mistake. Arnav clutched Khushi more and more to him, suddenly feeling a deep connection between them, jiska koi naam nahi tha (which did not have any name).
"I know" he saw slowly and Khushi snapped her head up to look directly in his eyes.
Arnav thinned his lips and wiped her tears, "he came yesterday also, when I was alone sitting and cursing myself for your condition. He came and slapped me you know?"
Khushi too went blank for the moment. She told about her dad with much reservation thinking how Arnav would take it, but to her surprise he actually believed her and confessed his own thing.
Arnav narrated the whole thing to Khushi and Khushi kept on listening to her arnavji, the Arnav ji who was her Arnav ji not Arnav singh raizada. A very different man which whom she was married to. A man who can also fantasize like her, a man who believed in supernatural power.
Khushi felt sad understanding what he must have gone through for past 3 days but she kept quiet and wanted her husband to throw it out from his system. Who else than her knows the pain of keeping things within herself? Wasnot she the one who suffered too? Wasnot she the one who masked her pain her humiliation from her dad and bua when her classmates used to tease her taking about her mother calling her a s**t's daughter? How she used to cry all alone in her room when everyone went to sleep so that no one knew what she must have gone through. Being called a s**t's daughter is a huge humiliation for a daughter like Khushi when she was no close to her mother and who hated her mother like anything. Yes Khushi hated her mother after what she did to her father, how she cheated her father and slept around with other men for money. How she refused to handover gupta property to Khushi's bua after Shashi Gupta's death and never gave a single penny to Khushi. It was her bua who took Khushi's responsibility by making embroidery on sarees and selling them at minimum profit. The only thing Khushi left with was bua's house which was in the name of her bua and and account from where she used to get some money for her education. The same account that Arnav asked not to disclose it to Khushi and the same account, which was now his as his secretary took Khushi's signature placing it in between the pile of paper that she singed for Directorship without Khushi's knowledge.
Khushi brushed her tiny soft hand against arnav's skin to sooth his anxity and it worked like magic. Arnav kept on looking at her angelic eyes as if he was drowning inside her. Khushi also did not loose their eye contact and she felt nice looking at her husband so intensely.
Arnav's eye fell on her lips when she tried to say something and the moment he looked, she froze. With the tip of his tongue Arnav moistened his lips and seeing that Khushi's whole body became like a jelly. She felt thousands of summersaults in few seconds and when his hand slowly touched her face she gave in and closed her eyes.
Arnav holding her waist slowly turned her making her lye on her back and he was on top of her balancing himself with his strong arms so that he doesn't put much pressure on Khushi.
Khushi on the other hand sheepishly looked at Arnav and seeing his desired filled eyes she gulped in anticipation of a kiss. She was scared at the same time excited. Sacred because "how would it be?" and excited because she could see something different in arnav's eyes, something polite, something very passionate, something that was not beasty but caring. She couldnot stop the quiver of her lips and seeing that Arnav started decreasing the gap between both of them.
Seeing him leaning more and more, Khushi's breath hitched and she started breathing heavily, until her soft bosoms started touching his chest softly, making him aware of her state.
He gazed her having chest and her swelled bosoms passionately and tried hard to resist him from touching them. He quickly diverted his gaze towards her face and leaned further.
Khushi closed her eyes and almost held her breath but at the same time she arched her neck forward to show him her willingness and participation in what he was doing.
Arnav slid one of his hand and grabbed her neck slowly pulling upward.
Their lips were inches apart almost brushing them yet there was a millimeter distance still remaining to be filled, his warm breath brushing Khushi's face, but'
He gulped and closed his eyes. "It wasnot right" he thought. "I cannot be an opertunist anymore. I shouldnot do this". But her submission was making his condition worse. He knew what she wanted yet he couldnot do it. But at the same time he did not want to put her down by leaving her in that state.
He slowly touched his lips on her nose tip and Khushi finally released a disappointed sigh by letting go her breath, that she was holding for long.
Arnav continued to kiss her forehead slowly placing her on her pillow and releasing her neck.
Khushi fluttered her lashes and looked at Arnav.
Arnav rested his forehead on her forehead and sighed.
"I will take you home", he whispered and then opened his eyes to look at her. "you want to go home right?"
Khushi nodded cutely.
Arnav cupped her face, "jo hokum" (as you say). "but you have to promise me that you will listen to me whatever I say".
Khushi looked cutely towards him and pouted.
He caressed her hard and said, "promise me that you will take care of your health and that will be your priority".
"but Arnav ji?" she tried to protest.
"Fine than, you are staying in the hospital", he said making a face.
"NO! ok I will", she made a face and looked other way.
"you will eat on time and sleep on time".
Khushi looked down not able to comment anything on that as she never wanted to disclose that she had been prohibited to enter the kitchen and also there was strict instruction by her sister-in-law that no one should provide her with food.
Sensing her silence he cupped her face and said "I have arranged for two cooks in my guest house and you just have to call them and tell them what you want to eat", he said caressing her check.
Khushi looked at Arnav absolutely amused not able to find right words to described how over whelmed she was by this small gesture of Arnav.
"I hope you can do that Khsuhi!".
Khushi nodded making a puppy face and then kissed his lips. She immediately covered her face feeling shy not able to meet his eyes.
Arnav uncovered her face removing her palm and pulled her checks, before getting up.
this update i want to dedicate few people who had been my strength all the time and when needed them the most.
First of all my DAD whom i have lost when i was 2 years old. "I miss you dad".
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