Season III

Ch 19

My Hubby

Arnav was packing he stuffs for the side table while Khushi was getting dressed with the help of the nurse in the bathroom. He picked up all and stuffed in her big sack like bag. He noticed it had a mickey and Minnie mouse hugging each other. Minnie Mouse was looking towards her mickey under her lashes and blushing furiously. He unconsciously brushed his hand over the jute material and thought of her wife. She was just like Minnie all blushing around him sometimes and very open about her love for him when it comes to hugging and kissing and showing her affection publically. And he liked it. That was crazy, he knew that but still he liked how she behaved so carefree around him. No artificial pouts and no throwing herself with her breast on him while she hugged him. It is pure and innocent. And he very well realized that in these three days. He glanced at the door just to see where she was ready, a little curious about what did she wear and there she was just like a sunshine, wearing a knee length bright yellow frock, with puffed sleeves, looking like a mere school girl, with her hair pulled up in a pony-tail.
She gave him the brightest smile, which reach to his eyes, yes his eyes. He could see how genuinely she was happy to go home with him. The moment she smiled, his heart swelled up for some unknown reason. And just when he was about to drop down her bag she wiggled her eyebrows as if asking him how was she looking, pinching the two sides of her frock and twirling 90 degree and repeating the same on the other side and then dipping her face to look at him in between her big brown lashes. "Just like that Minnie", he thought.
He returned a smile and held his arms asking her to run to him and hug him and there she was, in no time, in his arms, melting in his warmth. He held her tightly and closed his eyes. She was pure, as pure as first sun rays on earth, as pure as a baby who was born a minute ago, as pure as a virgin. "virgin", "untouched", thinking about it he held her more close to him, as if he wanted her to merge with himself. He was the first man who touched her, the feeling itself overwhelmed him. She was his, only his, by all mean, by all laws and he promised himself that she will be his for life long, till his last breath. This is the least he can do for his dad-in-law and his wife, after tormenting her life.
Khushi broke the hug and met his eyes. Seeing him looking at her so lovingly, she felt few moments in her tummy. "Why are you looking at me like this?" she asked him nervously feeling uneasy under his scrutiny.
"You are looking fresh" he said controlling his bubbling desire to claim her perfect bow shaped lush mouth.
"Obviously" she said slightly easing out in his arms, "yesterday I slept like a dead woman".
Immediately Arnav covered her mouth with his big hands and frowned. "Don't ever say that", he said in a ton which made it very clear to Khushi that he did not like it at all. Yet he control not to scare her away with announces he felt hearing the word dead.
"Sorry" she barely whispered against his cheeks, making it burn in sizzling sensation that he had felt for her.
"Stop it Khushi" he thought closing his eyes regaining his control which almost slipped when her soft lips touched his 3 days old stubble and then penetrated in his skin beneath.
He cupped her face and looked into her eyes. "Buaji had called in the morning, she was asking about your health".
Khushi wrapped her arms around his neck.
Arnav continued, "she was asking me whether you can go and stay with her for few days".
Khushi stiffened and looked at him without blinking.
"Even I think it would be a good idea. Thoda change bhi ho jayega", Arnav said in a caring voice tucking her lose fringes.
Khushi pouted and slowly pushed him, then turned her back towards him folding her arms, "Jaiye Mein aapse baat nahi karti, I am angrey", she shifted her head a little.
Arnav who tried to gain his balance due to the unforeseen push looked at her back and could not help but to smile.
He tried to pull her by arms but she jerked his hand back.
He covered the space between them and then hugged her from behind surprising her.
"Arnav ji", she protested.
"Shh!, but I think staying with me is a better idea Mrs Raizada", he slowly swayed her along with him.
Khushi immediately turned towards him and hugged him, "of course it is a much better idea Mr Raizada. And thank god you have brains to understand that".
Arnav air kissed her and then in held her fruity shampoo. They stood like that for few more minutes and then parted when his phone buzzed.
Khushi craned her neck to check the caller id and her face lit up seeing who was calling. It was shyam. She snatched the phone from him and pressed the receive button. Arnav was shocked initially but then relaxed thinking how close those two were.
Arnav circled her arms around Khushi and pressed himself lightly and carefully, while Khushi happily chirped with her new-found-brother. Khushi also said she just can't wait to meet him and akash bhai once she was back home. She also ordered him to order akash to bring her mc chicken burger but then immediately she bit her tongue and turned towards Arnav sheepishly.
Arnav who was hearing all her rants and was enjoying, shift to face her.
"Sorry Shyam ji, I cannot eat out, Arnav ji has kept two chefs for me".
"its ok Khushi, I have kept a chef doesnot mean you have to have cooked food everyday. If you want to party with your brothers, go on and have fun".
Khushi excitedly hugged Arnav after uttering a quick good-bye to shyam and said "No, today I just want to be with you. How about a candle lit dinner with your wife Mr. Raizada?" she said wiggling her eyeborows.
Arnav turned her around and rested his chin on her shoulder, "and how about shopping something special for the occasion?"
Khushi excitedly flickered and tossed various dresses, but somehow nothing appealed to her. She was tired and slightly hungry when she sat inside the dressing room, exhausted. She never thought shopping can be so tiring. How can she, when she never ever gave any importance to her looks. She always wore simple dressing, which made her comfortable, not something which accentuated her body. But shopping with her husband was a different experience. She was stunned to know that how much he gave importance to minute things, like neckline, the cut, the flow, the colour. She felt like and ordinary woman trying to fit in princess shoes with this man.

Her thoughts broke when there was a brief knock at the door.

"Khushi! are you alright?" he asked in concern, cursing himself for making it so difficult for her and behaving like an ass, asking her to wear each and every outfit that he like on her. For a brief moment he forgot that she was unwell and she shouldnot take so much stress.

"I am fine Arnav ji, just trying the last one" she lied to him, not wanting to hurt him. But Arnav knew from her labored breath and heforced her to open the door.

Khushi unwillingly opened the door and bit her lips.

"you don't need to do this anymore. We are going now". Arnav swept her feet and bundled her in his arms. How could he be so irresponsible? Doesnot he know she shouldnot stand for long time, that she might start bleeding heavily again? He thought. Feeling very irritated with his own behavior. He took her out from the trial room.
Khushi's eyes popped hearing him out and her cheeks turned red thinking about the how people will look at them if he continues to carry her towards the exit. She started wiggling feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable to be carried like this.

He glared at her. "Stop it Khushi, I am not going to put you down, so don't waste your energy". Khushi still continued to wiggle in protest when she heard him telling the shopkeeper to pack all, which he had chosen for her.

"no Arnav ji I cannot take them all, they are very expensive", she gasped thinking her husband has gone mad and lost his mind. Those clothes were bloody expensive. She saw the price tag in the changing room and accepted to buy only one just to make him feel good. She knew he wanted to buy her a dress badly and she was happy to get her first gift from him. But she never thought he would get her everything.

Arnav shot another look towards her and that was enough for her to understand that he doesnot want a single word on that.

Khushi braced herself and managed to come near his ears and blurted out slightly, "atleast cover my back Arnav ji, I did not pull my zip properly.

She did not get any reaction from him but felt his arms clutching the two separated parts and held it together.

Khushi tried to hide her face feeling extremely embarrassed but Arnav was Aranv, he hardly cared about several pair of eyes watching them in aw and muffled comments from elderly people who looked at them in irritation.
Khushi who was hoping that after they shop for her clothes will go to a kids shop which was around the corner, seeing at her husband she lost all hopes to visit it.
But she still managed to ask him, "Arnav ji mujhe uss shop mein ek baar jana hai", she said pointing towards the toy shop.
But Arnav did not listen to her and carried her outside the mall.
Gathering her on the back seat securely he closed the door and made his way to take his seat beside her. Normally he would have preferred to seat beside the driver but he sat right beside his wife this time to make sure that she is comfortable. The main reason was to hold her if the car jerks due to the bad road condition.
He ordered the driver to take them to the mansion, while Khushi looked at the monkey soft toy which was displayed on the toy shop window.
"I will get that monkey or whatever for you", Arnav said in a straight voice looking towards the road.
Khushi flinched slightly when he said that thinking how on the earth he understood what she wanted. Oh how she loved that cute fluffy monkey with a long tail. It was absolutely cuddly. "aap ko kaise pata'.", she couldnot complete her sentence when he spoke.
"I saw you staring at that monkey the moment we entered the mall and you are staring like a kid right now also, all most drooling at it. So I guessed you want it, don't you?"
"Yeee'sss" she looked at him nervously, thinking what he might think of her. An 18 year old wanting wa soft toy for herself.
Khushi smuggled with him suddenly feeling unsecured about her wants thinking what if this gesture drift him away for her.
Arnav snaked his arms around him and rested his head on hers kneading his fingers with hers fastening and then locking her tiny fingers with his broad fingers.
The exhaustion made Khushi feel a little tired for which she drifted to sleep in no time. Arnav cursed himself once again for making her go through this. He bundled her in his arms and Khushi was happy to smuggle with him in her sleep. Arnav dropped a feathery kiss in between her partition and pressed her more to him.
Khushi sensed few light brushes on his cheeks and a very soft voice kissed her ear. "Khushi! Sweety we are home" she heard a male voice whisper against her ears.
She fluttered her eyes and saw her husband looking at her lovingly.
Khushi stretched her body against him to remove her triedness and then sighed in his arms.
"Come I will take you inside", he smiled looking at her and then picked her up in his arms.
Khushi happily circled his arms around him and rested her tired head against his chest and closed her eyes again.
Arnav carried her till the door and pushed the bell while he ordered the driver to get Khushi's stuffs inside the house.
Anjali opened the door and was shocked to see his brother carrying Khushi in his arms.
"Chotey you are home after so many days. Come I will serve you some food. I am sure you must be tired. And What have you done to yourself? Look at yourself. You look so tired and worn out", she showed her false concern totally ignoring the buddle little girl who had suffered the most.
"we are home" Arnav gave her a mocking smile stressing on the word we. And marched inside the house with a sleeping Khushi in his arms.
"and di you are right, I am actually very tired I would love to have some home made food. If you can cook for me as well as Khushi you know' I would have asked Khushi to cook for me, but she isnot in a position to do anything of that sort so if you can kindly take care of these things'and I am sure you like to do these, don't you?" Arnav spoke sweetly to anjali, being sarcastic.
Anjali greeted her teeth but could say anything to her brother remembering about the monthly money, which comes in her account. "Of course chotey, you go to your room, I will arrange for some food for you".
"We both. I want Khushi to eat first and then I will eat. So please make it fast" he said and turned leaving behind a fuming anjali. "and di, if you can arrange Khushi's things in her room please. You know what has happened to her, so I don't want a male servant to touch her things. Right now I want to spend as much time as possible with her".
"Sure chotey" Arnav fisted her fist and cursed under her breathe.
Gazal gupta threw are bag on the bed and fumed like a wounded lioness.
"No this can't happen", she said recapitulating the seen in the mall. She couldnot believe what she saw. "Arnav Singh Raizada, carring a woman in his arms publically", the more she thought, the more she fumed. And not any girl but Gazal gupta's scrap goat Khushi Kumari Gupta.
"Dhongi, nautanki, bloody'" she cursed her.
"enough is enough Mr. Raizada. Now I am not going to sit back' its time to let Khushi come to know about all these and there cannot be any good time than this, when you are bed ridden and vulnerable. How about you wedding present sweetheart, few tapes of your loving and me husband? How we were all over each other in every damn parties abroad?" Gazal went to her cupboard and took out the VCDs, which she had wrapped in red glossy paper. She took out the pen and wrote "To Mrs Raizada, your wedding video" over the blank white card.
Once she was done writing she pulled her lips up in a mocking smile. "Tsk Tsk poor Khushi. You world is going to crash very soon honey just like your fathers when he saw me bedding with someone else".


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