Season III

Ch 17


"I just cannot let this happen" Mrs Gazal Gupta was fuming hearing that from past three days her bait was with Khushi. "Khushi Singh Raizada, you have crossed every limit. I cannot let you take the Gupta property. I waited for this moment for years and you; kal ki chokri (yesterday's kid) will come and snatch it away from me? Just like your dad did. What did he think that my making his will he will secure your future and made me a mare caretaker? Bulls! She swears spatting vemon and fuming as if she would have burnt Khushi if she was in her visual range. I have been with your husband for long and no one can change that. I have used him for my own purpose; he had no option but to bed with me. I have satisfied his hunger for years, giving my body to him and I know every corner that your husband poses. You think your small; sponge balls will be able to hold the lion with you? You are mistaken honey, Arnav Singh Raizada needs an experienced woman to satisfy his lust and thus he bed with me even when you were there waiting for him in your house. Char din ki chandni hai, jab uska dil behel jayega tab dekhungi kahan jaati ho tum? (I will see where you go when he will be over with your body). Arnav Singh Raizada doesnot like one woman for long except Gazal Gupta, with whom he has been there when he did not even had any other girls in his life. That's the difference between a girl and a woman, an experienced woman. And that Anjali, she is one bitch, but I have nothing to worry. Once I give birth to his child, he, his property, gupta property will be mine. Not bad Mr Raizada, I would give you a standing ovation for this. How clever are you. I was wondering when I asked you to marry my daughter how easily you agreed without any hesitation. Now I totally understand, you wanted a lamb for yourself who will walk, talk, act, behave as per your vims and fancies and who else than Khushi, who worships you? She is peanuts in front of your sly mentality. Claps!. But you are forgetting that Mr. Gazal Gupta chapter is not over, infact it has started. How would you wife feel to know that you have been sleeping around with her own mother? This time you are competing with Gazal Gupta, not those fat headed models with whom you randomly sleep with. I am going to bear your child and then that bitch Khushi is out from your life. I will settle my scores with Anjali once I am officially with you till that time why not have some of her money?".
Whenever Arnav glanced towards Khushi who was resting on her own hospital bed, he found her either staring at him or blushing madly looking at him. He found the sight to be very cute and sometimes he smiled back to her. After her enormous chatter with Arnav, and after Arnav scolding her to take rest, she agreed to close her mouth for some time and take rest. But Arnav could see that she was trying to communicate with him with her eyes which spoke a lot of unsaid words. He muttered "pagal" and whispered "crazy" time to time thoroughly enjoying the attention his wife was providing him. Sometimes in between his works he also found Khushi pouting her lips making a kissing gesture towards him and when he mad eye contact she eased her lips quickly. But the deer was already caught. Arnav somehow felt warm towards her due to her cute gestures so planned to show her some of his project trying to involve her. Khushi rested her head on his shoulder and tried to concentrate on what Arnav was explaining. Arnav noticed that Khushi was a no nonsense learner who was dedicated. He also found her very quick and intelligent so agreed with Arnav in most of the things, which showed their likewise mentality towards the work. The more he discussed the more he was confident about his own decision for making Khushi one of the directors in the firm. He could easily see glimpse of his mentor in Khushi and he liked it. In between then light discussion she continued to admire her husband like, trying to be touchy feely whenever she got the opportunity. Sometime she leaned totally on Arnav to check what he was showing purposely to feel him and sometimes she brushed her hands on his legs arms and later gesturing as if it was by chance that her hand brushed him.
Arnav was pretty aware of his wife's kartut (doing). But prefer to ignore it because he neither want to stop her from doing it, thinking she might get hurt due to the insecurity she had, nor he wanted her to continue the silent torture. Arnav with his immense control he remained firm and gulped down his bubbling desire to relish his wife. He knew that he needed to give himself and well as her sometime before he took it forward. But he made sure that during the process he does not hurt her more. He had done enough, unknowingly and it was the time to put a stop to it. He had promised her that he would be a friend and she was not helping him by touching him like that. After all he was a man, and his power of control seemed to diminish in front of his wife's innocent doings.
It was evening time when Akash and Shyam came to visit khushi and was greeted by an over enthusiastic khushi. she jumped and hugged Akash and Shyam in excitement as if she was seeing them after a long time. Shyam was overwhelmed by the love his sister was giving him. He genuinely started loving khushi as his own sister and that's the reason he wanted Arnav to confine in her. He knew it very well that it was khushi who could take away all the pain Arnav had to face since he lost his dad. Unlike Arnav who found khushi childish and bubbly shyam always rightly judged khushi to be the most responsible girl with full of confidence. Confidence to rill Arnav Singh Raizada and make him come on his knees to beg for her love. That was something even Khushi was unaware off. But noticing and reading khushi shyam had concluded long back that she wasthe girl for his best friend. Shyam was happy to see Arnav spending time with Khushi after their horrible time and was more than happy to see khushi gaining the glow In her husband's presence.
"Bhul agaye the kya yahan apki ek behen pari hai hospital mein?" (Looks like you have forgotten that your little sister is still in the hospital) Khushi pouted her lips while pulling herself from the hug. Before shyam could say something Arnav roared.
"you are you saying like this? Are you having any problem Khushi? is anything not comfortable for you? Should we shift to some other hospital?" Arnav came towards her worried.
Khushi was shocked to see Arnav so worried by her statement. She just said it generally to pull shyam's leg but she did not think that her husband will take it so seriously.
Khushi smiled towards her husband who stood frowning and said, "dekhiye shyam ji, ek to yeh khud 3 din baad atey hai humme dekhne ke liye aur aake puchte hai ki mujhe koi takleef ho rahi hai ki nahi. Kyun ji kahan the aap itne din?".  (just look at my husband, he himself did not come to see me in the hospital and now he is acting all worried. Where were you mister?) and just when he let her words out she immediately knew that she commited a mistake bu asking him that. She saw a tiny glimpse of hurt in his eyes when he turned the other way and walked towards the couch leaving the duo alone.
Khushi immediately followed Arnav and hugged him from behind pressing herself totally on him. "I am sorry Arnav ji. I was just pulling shyam ji's leg. I did not mean to question you like that when I know the answer. Please maaf kar dijiye" Khushi walked past him and stood right in front of him holding her ears and making a puppy face.
Arnav held her hand which held her ears and kissed her knuckles and smartly diverted the topic. "right know you were so excited about seeing your brother and now you are wasting your time on your hopeless husband? Come on now go and talk to them". He made her turn towards shyam and gave her a little push. And better be on bed. Don't forget you are not allowed to walk much.
Khushi turned to him while her eyes became glassy, "you are not hopeless Arnav ji. You are my prince charming" with that she jumped on him and embraced him tightly in her loop.
"Akash bhaiya, I am not talking to you. You are here for more than 45 mins now and you are doing pata nahi kya (god knows what) over the phone". Khushi pouted munching puffed rice and throwing them on Arnav time to time to grab his attention from his laptop. "aur ek yeh hai, meri sautan to apna godh mein liye beythe hai". ("and another one this this fellow" she pointed towards Arnav who was working on his laptop, "sitting with his second wife on his lap").
Hearing her comment Arnav snapped his head to look at her and then he looked at his laptop which he rested on his lap and then burst out in laughter making the other two men blank. The other two stole glances at each other hearing Arnav's laughter and felt happy to see him enjoying, and especially with his wife. "Oh how they wanted Arnav to come out from his dark life and let him know that there is happiness too which he should enjoy. And today seeing him laughing it was their dream come true.

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Khushi too smiled looking at arnav's laughter drooling over her husband thoroughly. "Oh how handsome he looks while he smiled. Doesn't he look like a baby?" she thought. That there Arnav was rolling on the floor laughing at his wife's cute antics. How cutely can she get?
"Aap kitne cute lagte ho Arnav ji. Aapki muskaan kitni sexy hai", she immediately covered her mouth and turned as red as a tomato for calling her husband sexy in front of her two brothers. Shyam smirked while Arnav concentrated back on his laptop still maintaining his smile.
"Erm! Akash bhaiya aap zara yahan aiye to. Aap kar kya rahe ho?" (Akash bro please come here, what are you doing there?) Khushi called akash who was bbming his girl-friend.
"Rehne do Khushi, pehla pehla pyaar hai pehle pehle baar hai", (leave him Khushi he is madly in love with someone for the first time in his life), shyam said earing a glare from Akash.
Khushi's mouth left open due to the shocking news. She was unable to react the why she wanted. "What? Akash bhaiya is in love? With whom? Kabse? Aur aap mujhe aaj bol rahe hai shyam ji? Not fair", she pouted.
"Its nothing like that Khushi", akash said feeling highly embarrassed.
"Don't lie Akash" Arnav said with his perfect smirk looking naughtly towards his brother embarrassing him all the more in front of Khushi.
"Haw! Arnav ji, you knew it?", Khushi pouted even more. "Lagta hai sabko pata hai mujhe chodke. Jaiye I am katti with you all", Khushi turned the otherside showing her false anger.
"Nautanki" Arnav surprised all with his cute remarks towards his wife making Khushi's eye go wide.
"aapne mujhe nautanki kaha?" Khushi asked looking at Arnav who was now looking at Khushi.
"haan kaha to?" (yes I said so what?)
"I hate you", Khushi said making a face.
"where did that come from?" Arnav asked smiling at his wife and nodding his head in defeat.
"aapse to hum baad mein liptenge, (I will settle my scores later on) let me first ask akash ji", Khushi said diverting their banter.
"Is she pretty akash ji? When are you going to make me meet her? And did Arnav ji see her already?" she said narrowing her eye towards Arnav and then huffed in frustration.
After quite amount of forcing Akash gave in. "Ya she is very pretty", he said and blushed.
Khushi found it too cute and clapped her hand, "aw! That's so cute, see Arnav ji how cute they are. All lovy dovy. Being is love is the best thing, right akash bahiya?" Khushi and held akash's hand.
Rest of their conversation faded for Arnav after hearing Khushi's words, "being in love is the best thing". How unfortunate she was. Infact it was all because of him that she did not experience such a situation. And out of nowhere Arnav felt guilty. How brutal he was to take way all her wishes and crush it beneath his foot. He closed his eyes and uttered an apology to Khushi silently.
It was night and Khushi was inside the bathroom with the nurse. Arnav was adjusting his bed on the sofa. Finally the night came when he can sleep. Maybe not properly but at least he could lye down. Three days he spent sleeping on the uncomfortable metal bench in the passage area of the hospital. At least now he could stretch properly on the sofa. How irony, Arnav Singh Raizada a multi millionaire slept on a mare bench for his wife and never complained.
He fluffed the pillow and opened first three buttons of his shirt, then detached his belt and kept it aside. He waited for Khushi to come out so that he can go and change. He know sleeping nude in the hospital would not be possible so he asked shyam to get his gym tracks and a lose fitted t-shirt.
Just when Arnav was about to open his laptop Khushi came out wearing a Minnie mouse pink short dress. He looked at her creamy legs and sighed. Before he could think of her deeply she placed her hand on her hip and said "you cannot sleep there Arnav ji. It doesn't look comfortable. You better go home and sleep. Have you seen your eyes? They are looking like and owl as if you havenot slept for weeks". She paused and covered her mouth. "hey bhagwan yeh mujhe kya ho raha hai, I just called him owl". She looked sheepishly towards him and uttered a sorry which was barely audiable.
"come here" he commended her and she walked slowly towards him feeling nervous. Since morning she has been extra talkative with him and she has said many thing she shouldnot have. But she was just to overwhelmed around him to stop her antics. He tucked her locks behind her ear and looked deeply into her eyes. "you have just called me an owl Khushi", he said making her more nervous. She was almost in tears when he hugged her lightly and said, "I couldnot sleep Khushi. I was so worried for you" he said in a chocky voice. "I thought I killed you".
Khushi immediately pulled herself back to face him and cupped his face. "Please Arnav ji, I am sorry, I did not mean to make you feel bad. God knows what's wrong with me since morning that I am going on and going making stupid comments. Please don't feel bad".
Arnav smiled and looked at her lovingly. "I feel much better after talking to you. I think today I can sleep properly".
"But you cannot sleep here. This is not good", she tried to protest.
"Since when have you started taking decision? My word is final and I am staying here till you are absolutely fine. I can do this much for my wife after what I have done to her". He said and pulled her in a warm hug.
Khushi unwillingly hugged him back trying to speak but she always obeyed her husband's words so she kept quiet.
It was almost mid night when Arnav felt someone trying to get inside his quilt. Who else other than his one-piece wife could it be?
"Khushi! What are you doing here? Go to your bed, you cannot sleep here", he commanded.
"If you can sleep here even I can sleep here Arnav ji".
"No you cant. You are not well and I cannot allow you to sleep here".
"Mujhe aapke pass sona hai Arnav ji" (I want to sleep beside you Arnav ji) she said in a low frustrated voice.
"Khushi you cannot, please understand. You need to keep your legs up in order to stop bleeding".
"Mujhe please ghar leke chaliye Arnav ji, mera aur maan nahi hai yahan rehne ka", she said feeling lump inside her throat. How could she make him understand that she had been through hell in these three days without him beside her.
She turned towards him and hugged him tightly. "I missed you so much Arnav ji", she said in between her sobs. "Please I want to go home".
"I will take you Khushi" he said soothing her by brushing his hand through her long hair and untangling the few knots.
"since the time you came her the our bedroom lacked energy. I cannot wait to take you there to get my energy back" he said slowing picking up her leg and placing it on his hip born, lying sideways so that her leg rested high.
Khushi hid her face in his chest and brushed her lips lightly. Arnav maintained his control and pulled her close.
"I am very happy for akash bhaiya, I am sure the girl should be really nice. After all our akash bhaiya is so nice. What do you think how will she look?"
"Not as beautiful as my wife" he confessed honestly making Khushi blush. It was totally dark inside the room but he could feel the heat generating against her cheeks.
"Arnav ji aap bhi na" she hit his chest lightly feeling shy.
"I am being honest. My wife is beautiful. I know I have never said this before but that doesn't mean that she isn't".
Khushi smiled against his and slowly drifted of to sleep in Arnav's arms.
After ten minutes he picked her up in his arms and settled her in her bed tucking the bed sheet and placing her legs on high pillow.
He watched her silently and cursed himself for being so rude to this innocent soul.
He turned to go when he heard her light whispers, "I love you Arnav ji".
His heart almost stopped hearing her confession. Suddenly felt something which he could not describe. He turned to see her face, moonlight kissing her face peeping through the window and her blush was back. She was blushing in her sleep and she looked like an absolute angel. He couldn't hold himself back but to walk to her and then kiss her as light as possible on her rosy lips. "Good night" he wished her and then went back to the sofa.
Resting his hand on his forehead and crossing his legs, he sighed. Day one gone and he came out with flying colours. He in his dreams couldn't imagine himself resisting a woman who has been so close to him. He was successful in controlling his desire, which made him stronger as a person. He cannot let down his mentor anymore. He has promise to take care of Khushi and it was the first step towards that. He turned sideways and looked at Khushi's small face sleeping peacefully and slowly closed her eyes having Khushi memory in his mind.


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