Ch 12

~Game Plan~
A small smile crept. Arnav opened his sleepy eye to find the source of his tickles that he was feeling near his tummy. He giggle a little when something soft brushed. Removing the duvet from his body he saw the cutest sight he has ever imagined. His lovely wife playing with his tummy in the early morning. Now that was something new for the great Arnav singh Raizada. He has been woken up many times by sexy cheeks on top playing with his private part trying to make him arouse but his wife was playing with him like two besties woken up on the same bed during their teens.
He giggled a little more and flipped her hovering over her. Just like a revengeful teenagers he grimed and looked at her naughtily.
"Now its my time to punish you baby", he said in a very naughty tone and brushed his nose on her soft skin.
"OMG! Nahi Arnav ji", she started to make fits of giggles clutching his naked shoulder.
Arnav removed her top and exposed her tummy and kept on nuzzling her till she was out of her breath.
"Please stop'.(giggles)'.arnav ji'please (giggles more)'arn'.av'ji" she took a deep breath to control her laughter which was echoing all over their room.
She gasped immediately when his lips trailed above. "arnav ji no'" Khushi tensed up.
She was still in her recovery process from that night and wanted to be distant from her husband. His doings did not hold a good impact on her mind. And here he was again trying to seduce her. She could feel the animal instinct in him, which started over powering his mood. Yesterday night was so much better, she thought. Atleast he was smooth and caring. But what he was doing now was anything but smooth.
"Arnav ji please stop", Khushi closed her eyes when he bit her swell. He soreness was still not gone.
Arnav looked up and saw his wife clutching the duvet now, her chest having up and down in quick motions and her eye pressed tightly.
He dropped a soft kiss over her chest and then slid her top down. Khushi opened her eyes when his weight shifted from her.
She saw him getting up from her the bed and walked towards the bathroom. His irritation easily displayed in the way he walked away from him. His muscles tensed up at his back.
Before she could call him feeling a little guilty, Arnav slammed the door of the bathroom, making Khushi flinch.
Several days passed and there was no improvement in their physical aspect. Most of the time Khushi was scared of Arnav as his approach to him was more and more animalistic towards her. Somehow she managed to save her core from him and stopped him. But that started creating a distant between both of them, which Khushi did not like. She failed to understand that why this aspect was so important for her husband. Why they need to have sex in order to come close? Why he always left her every night after she refused him to inter her.
She felt lonely, very lonely many times at night missing him, his soft polite touch in her, his warmth that made her secure. It was missing just like a desert misses the rain. But she did not stop him from going due to the fear of his roughness on her skin, her body, her soul. But things were now going beyond control Khushi was aware of that.
Her Arnav ji was the only person in her life and she did not want this distant between them. She knew what were her wify duties towards her husband but the only thing she wanted from her husband to be polite and take it easy. After all it was her first time and she was genuinely hurt. She wished that maybe one day her husband would talk to her about that night. But that day did not come and moreover there general talks were also reduced.
He came late at night and left home in the middle of the night. They hardly had any communication. Khushi's illness was not gone totally and this emptiness added to it. Other than having breakfast together when Arnav made it a routine, Khushi did not eat properly. She was still weak and Arnav just cut himself from her right after he dropped her in her college.
Sighing Khushi sipped her piping coffee in the college canteen while she wanted for her best friend's arrival.
"Hi! sweety" Khushi heard a familiar tone while she walked towards Khushi beaming in happiness.
Khushi noticed payel's happiness and decided to talk about her misery later.
"Hey Whats up?" payel hugged Khushi from behind before dragging a chair beside her.
"I am fine Payel, tu bata", Khushi tried to hide her sadness masking it with her every chirpy voice.
"Guess what", payel placed her palm on the table before hovering towards Khushi.
"let me guess", Khushi said keeping her index finger on his chin and looked towards the sky as if in deep thoughts.
"Erm! Did you deewana proposed you?" Khushi held payel's shoulder and searched her eyes.
Payel's jaw dropped in shocked, "how do you know?"
"OMG! He actually proposed you? How? When? Where? Bolna payel." Khushi forgot all her misery for the time being feeling happy for payel.
"Payel lowered her eyes and looked at her shyly. "Ya he did".
"and you said yes, right?"
"haan to bolna hi tha Khushi after what we have sha'" payel stopped on her track slapping herself mentally for blurting out the truth that they have shared their bed already before marriage.
Khushi's smile vanished immediately guess what payel was about to say. She knew payel was quite bold but to this extent she could never imagine.
"Payel", Khushi widened her eyes and asked, "you mean'you guys'you know'made love?"
"Big deal Khushi. Yes we did and its good that we did. After all I know what we have in store for future and it is very important for me to know how my partner is on bed, whether we match or not".
Khushi frowned a little at her own lack of knowledge about it. For her it was love, which binds a relationship and making love is secondary. But here payel was impling that it was better to know whether the two partners are sexually compatible or not.
"how does it help payel? I mean if you love someone the other part comes automatically na?" Khushi curiously questioned her.
"Nahi re pagal, waise you are right love makes the making part easy. But at the same time you need to know what your body wants and whether your partner can satisfy that or not. Khushi, this is a vital part in a relationship. Do you know how many people suffer from divorce for this reason? That they are not sexually compatible?" payel seriously asked her. You know there are cases where the partner goes to other woman or man to satisfy their sexual needs which they don't get from their respective partners".
Khushi ears became alart.
"they leave their partners and go in the middle of the night and share their bed with other men and women. Khushi! (payel touched her hand) there is not point in marring someone and then seeing him or her going to other people na?"
Khushi was in deep thoughts. Her face became pale with the very thought what if her Arnav ji also doing the same. A sudden sadness clouded over her mind and she felt like crying. She wanted to rush to her Arnav ji and confront him about the whole thing.
"What if your partner behaves like and aminal on bed?" Khushi asked payel in a low voice.
"Aminal? You mean brutal? You mean hitting and all?"
"no no not bitting. But you know'" Khushi bit her lips not able to find right words. And above all she never wanted to discuss her personal life with her husband like this.
Payel became worried seeing Khushi battled to stop her tear. "what happened Khushi? Does Arnav ji tortures you?"
"no no" Khushi hurriedly defended her Arnav ji.
"then what is the matter babes? Why are you so upset?" payel hugged her from sideways to comfort her.
"Payel, after our first night I was sore and arnav ji seems to be too pushy and hard on me'he wanted to do it with me many times after that but I was so afried. I was shaky".
Payel gave her a good laugh and Khushi's heart sank. Here she is trying to share her misery and there her best friend is laughing.
"Khushi! Baby, you should be lucky yaar. You husbands wants and you and what I know from your talks he is very passionate. Trust me Khushi you are fortunate enough that your husband is man. And who does not want to sleep with the Arnav singh Raizada? I am sure there are many who would like to. But you are the lucky girl".
Khushi again lost in her deep thoughts, And who does not want to sleep with the Arnav singh Raizada? She closed her eyes to remove her fear. "No Arnav ji cannot do this with me. I am wrong. He cannot sleep with someone else.
Payel touched her cheeks and said, just enjoy these moments with him Khushi. Every girl fears to be with his man after their first encounter. But that doesnot mean you will stop doing it with him. Will you? no na? and don't do this mistake before you know its too late. Go to your husband and give yourself to him.
she was sitting in her room thinking about her conversation with payel just when the door flew open. Khushi gasped and looked at him.
Arnav looked at her angrily and then slammed the door behind. The anger did not go unnoticed by Khushi. "But what was the reason?" She thought. She bit her lips and walked towards her husband who stood rooted on tracks.
"tumhari biwi deti nahi Arnav! Tsk tsk poor you. a mere deer in a lion's den? Or a tigress acting like a deer so that you don't touch her and she can share her bed with other men behind you back" GG's words still echoing in his mind.
"21st century girl cannot be nave, can she?" GG said undoing his tie. How on the earth did GG know about Khushi and arnav's personal matter, he thought. That means that bitch told GG about everything that had happened between both of them. That means his Khushi was a part of GG's game plan?
He narrowed his eye and kept looking at his wife who betrayed him by telling his and her personal life to her bitch mother. "How could she? That means she purposely did not tell her about anjali's behaviour towards her just to gain sympathy. And like a fool I believed her tricks?" Arnav thought, his anger slowly taking control over his mind.
He kept on looking at her till she was two feet away from him.
"Arnav ji", she tried to speak to him gather all her courage about what she feared. The fear of sharing his husband with any other woman. But she knew she have to ask him today otherwise she will not be able to ment this relationship ever. And she hoped that he will be truthful to her no matter what. She will be hurt if what she is thinking becomes correct but at the same time she will accept her fault despite of valuing her love over sex.
"STOP", she heard him screaming at him. Nervously she too few steps back flinching by his sudden rudeness.
"Did you tell about our private moment to someone else Khushi?" Arnav directly questioned her making her fall off the guard.
She did tell this to payel, "but how come Arnav ji come to know? And payel has never spoken to him directly", she thought
Arnav grabbed her shoulder and jerked her, "Y.E.S or N.O?" he punctuated his words sending shivers down her spine.
Khushi couldnot hold back her tears. His fingers were piercing her skin and his anger making her shiver. "dad, please help me", she thought closing her eyes.
"I….I am sorry Arnav ji" she stammed and Arnav pushed her making her fall on the ground.
That was it, it was all clear for him. "Khushi was a part of her mother's plan. And she keeps sending her news. He wont be surprised if khushi's health issue was all fake and made up". She purposely fell sick so that Arnav takes care of her? And she can act all teenager types and throw dust on arnav's eyes.
Khushi got up from the floor feeling guilty about the whole thing. She admitted she wronged by confining to payel. It was their personal issue and she shouldn't have discussed at the first place.
But the little did both of them knew it was GG who sneaked in the collage canteen while Khushi discussed about her personal problem with payel and grabbing that opportunity and using it as her pawn GG exaggerated it up keeping all the facts correct so that ASR's shattir (shy) mind fail to recognized her venom against Khushi and fed him against Khushi.
Khushi held Arnav's hand and stopped him from going inside the bathroom.
"I am really sorry Arnav ji. I will not repeat this in future. Please don't leave me and go".
Arnav turned towards her and came, "for what I should stay with you Khushi?" he said mocking her.
Khushi bit her lips and circled her arms around his neck. "please!" she begged.
Arnav narrowed his eyes and looked at her with lusty eyes, "why suddenly feeling the need to f**k?"
Khushi stepped back. "How could her Arnav ji say that word?" she wondered sadly. "was it only that four letter word for him not making love?"
"Cant resist your heat anymore woman?" he spatted out once again.
"I am sure you have other ways to calm yourself down other than me helping you to calm down. Isnt it?" Arnav accused her in anger.
Similarly even I have ways to calm myself down khushi, I don't need your body against me for that. I have hundreds of them who are ready to do it freely with me and some of them die to be in Arnav singh raizada's arms.
Khushi was shocked. Her biggest nightmare is coming true. "does that mean he had…" she chocked at the very thought trying to gulp down a huge lump.
"Arnav ji you mean, you had…other girl fri…"
Khushi did not understand whether to continue this topic or should she stop. Because it was unbearable. She cursed herself of this. If she gave him what he wanted then today this situation wouldn't have raised.
"I am sorry Arnav ji" she said crying her heart out in his shoulder. "I am so sorry for stopping you from coming close to me. Please Arnav ji give me another chance to…to make love to you…the…the way you want to….and I promise I wll not tell this to anybody…" Khushi sobbed bitterly.
"Miss Khushi Kumari Gupta, I care a f**k about such behavior of your. All I need is my heir. I have been delusional for some time but now everything is crystal clear. I hate myself for taking care of such a woman like you. My initial assessment about you was correct. I am not going to fall in your trap anymore", with that he picked her up and threw on the bed.
"you want to be f***ked by me, so be it".
He entered her painfully Khushi gulping her cry biting her lips, hiding her face and tears from Arnav covering her face with the pillow.
The pillow absorbed her pain, her screams, her tears inside it.
Once he took out all her frustration he got up and went out of the room towards the poolside to get some fresh air not wanted to see her face at any cost feeling disgusted about the mother and the daughter duo.
Khushi getting a scope ran inside the bathroom and screamed her heart out opening all the taps and shower so that she scream was not audible by Arnav.
She sat under the shower for quite sometime and massaging her effected area. It was bruised badly. The moment she moved the pain hit her badly.
She did not know when she fell on the floor and laid unconscious.
After few minites when her sense came back she gathered herself and changed into fresh clothes. She walked inside the room and found Arnav sleeping in his side of the bed.
A lone tear escaped in happiness and well as due to sadness. Happiness, to find her husband in the room and sad because of what happened few hours ago. When her body rejected any type of closeness Khushi forced herself to get involved. She hated his mind, which betrayed her body. She can never go justice to her body she thought. Something she will always regret doing.
She slid inside the duvet and hugged Arnav from behind. Arnav shifted and turned towards her. Placing a peck on her forehead in his sleep he smuggled up with his wife.
Khushi felt content in his arms and named their encounter as punishment for discussing their private life with outsider.
She whispered near his ears, "I promise you Arnav ji I will never discuss our thing with anybody".
She kissed his cheeks and whispered, "I love you a lot Arnav ji and I will make sure you get what you want from me only".
She closed her eyes keeping her head on his bare chest and anrav smuggled hold her tightly in her arms.


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