Ch 11

~Bad Memories~
Arnav kept on pulling kushi along with him. And Khushi like an obedient child walked behind her mentor.
"Arnav! Arnav! Listen to me", Arnav was in no mood to listen to her. He was angry damn angry on his di and nani. How dare they say a single word against his wife. Yes his wife the only person who was his possession. For the first time in his life Arnav singh Raizada openly showed his possessiveness. His haq, his better half. He wanted Khushi to be his shadow. His whole family ho betrayed him time to time he wanted Khushi on his side always. No matter what he thinks about her, no matter how much he hates her from inside but he expects her to lead her life with dignity and as Aranv Singh Raizada's wife. And no f**king creature can put her down on only in front of him also he will make sure no one points his or her nails even forget about finger.
"aaah! Lag raha hai Arnav ji. Aap bohot zor se pakre ho" (you have held me very tightly so it is hurting)
Arnav gave a damn to what she was saying. Angrily he got inside their room and spun her around.
"LISTEN TO ME CAREFULLY" Arnav held her shoulder and said boring his eyes scaring Khushi.
"I don't want you to be around di and nani. Is it clear?"
Khushi was confussed as to why Arnav is asking her to stay away from them. She agrees that whatever his di has done is not right and kahin na kahin his sister has hurt her but that doensot mean she will not talk to them. And she wanted to know why his sister has got so much negative approach towards Khushi and nani is my 'dear to all but not Khushi. She wanted to know why. But here her husband is warning her not to talk to them.
"But Arnav ji'"
"There is no but. You will do as I say and I don't want further discussion on this topic. And tumhe jo kuch bhi chahiye you will order HP and if he acts smart you will tell me. And if I am not in town you will tell your problem to akash. Stay away from shyam' I mean jijaji. I don't want to hear anything negative about you from Di's mouth. If I hear I will scold you left right".
Khushi pouted hearing that his husband will scold her. But some portion of her heart felt warm. Atleast her husband is protecting her. She always wanted a husband like him. If her father was alive, even he would have done the same thing.
Khushi quickly jumped and clung onto him practically hanging hold his neck.
She made a puppy face and asked him innocently "first left? Or right?"
Arnav frowned and looked at his crazy but cute wife "what do you mean?"
"Scolding!" she said innocently pouting even more looking more cuter than ever.
Arnav couldnot help but to smile. He steadied her on the floor and tapped her nose with his index finger. "center" he said looking at her flushed face.
Khushi hit his chest with her palm and said "aap bare woh ho".
"Woh!" he crossed his hand and then rising his eyebrows he said "really?" gradually tilting his head sideways.
Khushi took a step forward and tip toed to kiss his lips.
Arnav circled his arms around her waist and crashed her on his chest. In no time he claimed her lips while pressing every part of her body.
Khushi quickly kissed his cheeks and got down from the car. "bye arnav ji! See you in the evening".
"Bye! I will ask mohan to pick you up from your colleage", Arnav threw a flying kiss to his wife and she grabbed it and send it back by blowing it gradually spreading her fingers towards him.
Arnav smiled and then drove off.
Khushi was in their canteen during the break time. She couldnot attend her class as she reached colleage a little late. She was stiring her coffee, her mind drifted towards yesterday night incident.
How he was mad. How he given her pain. How he was so rough on her. How he did not show any mercy. How he tore her apart.
But what surprised her is that why she did not stop him? Why she did not tell him?  Why did she let him ruin her first night?
Maybe because she was a bit scared? Maybe because everything happened all of a sudden.
But why her Arnav ji was so rude on her? That question was eating her from inside. No matter how much she wanted to divert her attention towards the good things that had happened sinse morning still those nightmares kept on roaming around in front of her eyes.
She was still sore. In fact it was so much effected that she was unable to sit properly. She was having frequent urination. That past was burning everytime she was urinating and it was a nagging irritation she was facing.
"hey Arnav ji ki princess, whats up haan? Bhul hi gai hoon mujhe aapne pati ko paake". (you have forgotten me totally)
Khushi blushed furiously in payel's remarks.
"aisa nahi hai piu" Khushi held payel's hand and made her sit beside her.
"Hmm! Jijaji chodne aye the?" (did BIL come to drop you?)
"tumhe kaise pata?" Khushi enquired.
"This is THE TOPIC OF THE COLLEGE that the GREAT ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA has come to drop you off".
Khushi shrugged her shoulder and questioned, "so? Ismein itna halla machane wali baat kya hai?" (so how is it important for others to make news out of it?"
"oh meri bholi si, nanhi si Khushi kumari gu' I mean Raizada. You are Arnav Singh Raizada's wife so be ready to have wrath of all the ladies in the town. You husband was the most eligible bachelor of the city. And everyone went gaga over him. They were even ready to sleep with him for one day also".
Khushi hit payel's hand and shut her off "chhi! Piu don't talk like this about my husband" Khushi pouted. "he is only mine" she blushed furiously.
And that payel didn't fail to notice that blush.
"kya baat hai Khushi?" payel picked up Khushi's chin.
Khushi failed to meet her eyes. She is blushed even more.
"Hmm! Looks like someone became someone's forever" payel teased Khushi.
"chup kar piu" Khushi hugged payel feeling extremely shy.
"my my someone is behaving like a new bride who had her suhaag raat".
Khushi's grip became tighter.
"Bol na Khushi kya kya huya?"
Khushi broke their hug and looked at payel. Her eyes literally pooped out like a saucer now.
"WHAT? Are you crazy?" Khushi hit her friend affectionately.
"Bol na Khushi pleaseee" payel faked a pout.
"jijaji kaise hai bed pe?" (how is he on bed?)
"Khushi's face immediately fell. She straighted herself and started sipping her coffee.
"Bol na Khushi. What all did he touch you? what all did he do? Was he polite?".
Payel saw a lone tear tracing down her cheeks. She immediately brushed her tears with her thumb and made Khushi look at her.
Khushi saw payel with her puppy eyes and looked down.
"Khushi kya huya?" payel asked in a concerned tone.
"Piu he was….he was…" she chocked.
"Please Khushi don't cry baby. Tell me what happened?"
Khushi narrated the whole story to payel.
Payel gave her a good laugh. "Dhath pagli. woh Arnav ji ka pyaar hai".
"paar first time how can he be so hard on me?"
"passion baby passion. Its call passion. You are lucky that your husband is so passionate about you".
Khushi kept on staring at payel. She did not feel any inch of passion yesterday night. It was nothing but mechanical.
"I am sure jijaji has missed you a lot that's why he couldnot resist you Khushi. You guys are recently married and how can you expect your husband to be cold? And he is non other than Arnav singh Raizada baby. Cant you see the aura he has. Pagal you should be happy that you husband cannot keep his hands off you and showed his loved in a wild way".
Here Khushi was trying to get some soft corner from payel uparse payal was in no mood to soften towards her. And to top it all she was explaining the other way round.
Suddenly a question stuck in payal's mind she turned towards Khushi and asked.
"did you… I mean….you know…BLEED?".
Khushi's jaw dropped.
"beysharam! Kuch to khayal kar" Khushi said nodding her head.
"Tell na Khushi! Mujse kyun sarma rahi hai?"
"No I did not".
"AAhan! I thought so. Thank god you did not bleed otherwise you had to wash the bed sheet. And I am sure it would have been a good sight to see".
"erm! Piu, but I bleed when I peed in the morning. And it is burning a lot".
"don't worry it happens for the first timers".
"tujhe bari knowledge hai piu. Do you think I should know something?" Khushi looked a payal suspiciously.
Payal caught on the wrong foot tried to dodge her question. But Khushi was Khushi.
"you have to tell me piu, how do you know so much?" kushi pressurized her.
"Okey okey. I think you need to know this Khushi".
"What?" Khushi immediately gave full atttension towards her.
"Erm! Khushi I am seeing someone".
"WHAT? You pig, why did not you tell me? When? With whom? How?"
Easy girl" payal held khushi's shoulder.
"I am met him only once. But I speak to him regularly".
"erm, we are planning to meet up again".
"what do he do?" khsuhi asked
"he runs a business with his brother".
"how did you guys know each other?"
"well, it was by mistake. He called his friend and by mistake he pressed 1 instead of 2. And that's it. He called be once again and that's how it all started.
"wow! That's interesting piu".
"whats his name?" Khushi asked.
"umm! tu pooch lena jab milegi".
Khushi was in her room preparing her bed when she was pushed by her husband and fell on the bed on her tummy.
"Arnav ji! She screamed".
He pushed her hair aside and bit her on her shoulders making her aware what he wanted.
Unzipping her dress he slid his hand under her armpit and made his way towards her front.
Khushi gasped with he touch her parts.
She held his hand and said "its sore".
But he did not listen to her he continued what he was doing and Khushi was not enjoying it at all. She felt like crying her heart out.
"please Arnav ji" she pleaded for the last time.
Arnav turned her towards him and saw her teary lashes.
He did not know why but he felt a pang in his heart.
He kissed her forehead and caressed her cheeks.
"I am sorry Arnav ji" she hugged him circling her hand around his neck while Arnav undressed her totally.
Covering her up in the duvet they spent the whole night kissing each other. Arnav played with each and every part of her body, while Khushi did not fail to brush her tiny soft hand exploring him totally.
Every touch of Khushi was innocent and Arnav did not fail to notice that. the way she touched him with slight amount of hesitation, Arnav could easily make out that certain things were new to her.
He did not know why he liked to be touched like that. he was known to be the most aggressive man on bed and he never liked a nave partner. But something about this girl made him crave for more.


  1. nice update.....hopefully arnav will change....

  2. I Have a feeling that Arnav is changing,He is possessive towards her.He cared when she had a fever and on the other hand Khushi is starting to doubt that something is wrong.I hope this doesn't end like I think it will.