Season III

Ch 21


Khushi kept on blushing entire morning. The way he kissed her then make her wear the mangalsutra. And while going out for an hour for some urgent how grumpy he looked, it made Khushi feel overwhelmed. She literally had to push Arnav out of her room insisting him to go and have a look at his work in the office. Arnav kissed her nose tip and tapped it with his index finger before finally leaving for the office. "don't take stress" he ordered her before bidding her good bye. "if you need anything just phone the cook or me. It will be arranged. And there is no compulsion for you to wear those dresses tonight. Just be comfortable and don't forget you are bacj home just few hours back. So make sure you take ample rest otherwise I will get you back in the hospital. Khushi peeped through the door and sticked her tongue out at him earning his million dollar smile. Only this girl could get the most oddest reaction from him. "Pagal" he muttered jerking his head sidedway and left for his work.
Few hours later
She was humming her favourite song while arranging her stuffs inside the cupboard when she felt slight pain in her stomach. She clutched it and quickly sat on the bed and just then Arnav called her to check how she was.
Khushi couldn't even say hallo to him properly when another pain hit her. Arnav immediately panicked the almost tripped the glass while he stood up on his foot hearing his wife's rapid pants.
"Khushi" he growled in anger
"I told you not to stress Khushi, where are you assistants? What the f*ck are they doing? They are being bloody paid to take care of you, not to doze of in the middle of the day. Give the phone to them, let me handle these lazy people".
"Relax, Arnav ji, breathe", Khushi said clutching her tummy.
"How can I when  you are not well. What happened Khushi? Are you bleeding? Tell me right now. and I am coming right now", Arnav said in one breath.
"Arnav ji! I am fine. Please listen to me. I was standing for long time that's why maybe I am having the pain. I am...I am sorry..." Khushi throat caught and she tried to hide her overwhelming feeling which was causing her eyes to spill the accumulated tears".
Hearing her cracked, heavy voice he punched his fist on the table "Wha...Khushi, see you are crying now. I am so sorry, I shouldn't have left you alone in the house at the first place". Arnav started packing his stuffs, dismissing his secretary and asking him to cancel all his appointments with hand gesture.
"Arnav ji, please listen to me please."
"There is nothing else to listen. I am coming that's final. "Abhi jaake leyt jao. It's and order".
"Arn..." she tried to stop him but he disconnected the line already.
She sighed loudly while she reached for her pain killer and grumpily laid on the bed. "Laad governer" she muttered but a cute little smile escaped her lips. "he is so caring pa, I was so wrong. Can you see how he is taking care of me?" Khushi happily hugged her pillow and looked at the sky outside her window as if her father was stiding right outside the window.
She blushed and touched her mangalsutra before drifting of to sleep.
Her leads fell heavy and her body ached. "Oh shit" she jerked up. "I have been sleeping, hey devi maiya, he must have come home and I was sleeping... Arnav ji...Arnav ji kahan ho aap?" she bit her lips and craned her neck.
But he was not there. It was almost dark. She steadied her on her foot and walked towards the washroom.
After coming out she went downstairs to check whether the cooks prepared the foods that she has ordered in the afternoon for her dreamy dinner exclusively with her husband.
She checked the food tasting each of them and then approving and appreciating the cooks and asked them to arrange them properly in the terrace.
She was about the call him to check where he was when she found that she kept the phone in her room.
"He must have come and seeing me sleeping he must have gone out. Good at least he did not have to waste his time . Waise bhi he did not attend his office for past couple of days", she muttered to herself.
"I should go and find something to wear from those hips of dress that he had brought for me", with that she marched towards her room.
She almost reached to the stairs when she found a read packet properly ribboned, kept on the center table near the casual sitting area.
Out of curiosity she went to check for whom it belonged and seeing her name at first she was taken a back thinking who will leave a gift for her and that to Mrs Khushi Raizada written on it?
She chewed her lips and reached for the box. With her shaky hands she picked it up. Carefully she undid the ribbon and then peeled the wrapper. She dipped her hand inside the box and revealed something soft which caressed her hand. Softly she clutched thing and pulled it out.
"Oh my god", her eyes became like a saucer and she became speechless. It was the same monkey stuffed toy that she wanted to buy. Her mouth held the brightest smile. She clutched the toy and looked here and there to find her husband.
"Arnav ji..." she called his name excitedly..."where are you?" she ran up the stairs fast to reach in her room only to be bumped with her husband on her way.
"Careful Cara" Arnav held his wife tightly before she could topple both of them together on the ground.
"Arnav ji!" feeling his familiar touch and his warm warms she hugged him tightly.
"Hey" he said in his husky voice caressing her long hair massaging her scalp.
Khushi kissed him lovely on his cheeks and hugged him once again. "Thank you so much" she whispered feeling over joyed.
"So much for a mere soft toy sweetheart?" Arnav looped his arms around her waist and pressed himself lightly on her.
She broke the hug and looked at him with her bright eyes and Arnav could see she gained her colour on her face. When he came from the office all worried he saw her curled like a white fur ball and his heart tugged in pain. He reached her to kissed her on her forehead lightly and all she did was to stair in her sleep. But her pinched expression was gone once his lips touched her skin.
He made couple of calls to finish his unfinished work and then made a phone call to his secretary to get that soft toy from the shop. At first his secretary was speechless then without uttering a single word he did what he was asked to. Arnav made sure he gave the right description of the toy so that his secretary brings the same toy which Khushi expressed her desire on.
"you seemed to be more than to get the monkey than the mangalsutra" Arnav nudged her and earned her gasp.
"I feel ticklish Arnav ji, stop nudging me there",
Finding her teasing spot Arnav tickled her all the more and bubbles of laughter kissed his eyes. His wife has got the best and the most genuine laughter he noted and he loved it. There was nothing artificial about it.
"Arnav ji stop it...please" she giggled few more times.
He tucked her hair to reveal her lovely face and kissed her forehead. "happy?" he asked.
Khushi cupped his face and replied happily "very" then dropped a light kiss on his lips.
Arnav sucked his breath feeling the brush of her warm lips on his. Unknowingly some words came out which he could have controlled "you can do better than this".
Khushi looked at him wide eyed, shocked, amused and then blushed.
Arnav was shocked himself, how could he ask like it? What has gotten into him? He was asking for a kiss from a girl? And that to with whom he wanted to take things slowly if not touch her at all in the other since?
"Khushi..i didn't mean..." his words come out muffled when his wife jumped on him to reach his height and pressed her lips harder this time capturing his full mouth. He had to take three four steps back to steady himself due to the friction caused and then he drowned himself in her cute innocent kisses.
Was that his moan or did she moaned he wondered unable to believe he can make such a satisfying sound. Unable to believe a mere kiss can do so much to him. He traced the seam of her lips and urged for the entrance. Holding his nape she obeyed his silent order and welcomed his warm caring tongue inside her mouth.
Oh God, she feels so good. He cursed himself for loosing his control over the situation and picked her up in his arms and took her in their bedroom.
"Marriage DVDs?" Anjali held the crumbled paper in her hand and looked at the DVD box angrily. I will never let you be happy for one second Khushi. You will never get this DVD. Anjali broke the DVDs into piece and through it in the waste paper busket. The little did she knew that those DVDs were meant to destroy her borhter's life and it was sent by Mrs Gazal Gupta to trap Khushi.
Arnav steadied Khushi on the ground and closed her eyes with his palm. "Arnav ji..aap kya kar rahe ho?"
"Shh!" surprise.
He held her tightly in his arms and walked across the room.
"You can open your eyes cara".
Khushi slowly adjusted her vision and was surprised to see the whole poolside draped with white dreamy curtains and candles everywhere.
Khushi was in Awe, "this is so beautiful Arnav Ji"
"Not more than my pretty wife" Arnav whispered near her eyes sending tickling sensation down her spine.
Khushi turned towards him and said "you exactly know how to woohoo your girl. No wonder you had some many girlfriends".
His smile faded hearing her words and felt a stab of pain. And sensing his distress Khushi cursed herself and hugged him.
"I am sorry I did not mean to say..."
"Shh! Its ok. I deserve it after what I did to you". He rested his chin on her forehead.
"No I did not mean.."
"Forget it Cara"
"Please stop blaming yourself Arnav. Remember we are friends now. Past is past".
"I wish I could Khushi. But this is something which is going to haunt me forever".
"Then make love to me and end this insecurity".
"Shut up. Don't even say that Khushi. I am not a monster and I am not going to hurt you anymore by doing that".
"Sorry, I did not mean it like that Arnav ji".
"than don't talk about making love. Because I wont".
With that he released her and went inside the room.
She knew he was upset and what they have just shared outside their room near the staircase was not lust. It cannot be lust. It felt different different from everything that they have shared. He was extra caucious, he was extra caring and his kisses, his kisses invoked some unknown feeling, some unknown wants, some unknown desire in her. She did not wanted to end the kiss. She wanted him to go on and on and touch her everyway.
Khushi went inside and saw him sitting on the recliner. She could see how stressed he was. Clutching the soft toy he went towards him and sat on his lap taking him by her surprise.
He wanted her to get up but when he hugged him sideways and rested head on his chest he just held her tightly.
"maaf kar dijiye please"
He kissed her partition, " if someone needs forgiveness it is me Khushi not you. I shouldn't have kissed you like that. I really don't want to hurt you".
"you didn't" she said in a low voice and hid her face in his chest.
After that they spoke nothing just stayed together for long minutes. When he sensed her heavy and deep breathing she was fast asleep in his arm.
Carefully he picked her up and placed her on the bed. He took her nightdress and changed her. First he stripped her totally and then he made her wear her cute little pink nightly. Not for once he let his desire took over his mind seeing his gorgeous wife naked in his arms no matter how much he wanted to make love to her.
Khushi gave out an audible sigh and made herself comfortable in the soft fluffy pillow. He tucked her inside the duvet and then switched of the bedside lamp.
Within five minutes he changed and slipped beside her. With his large arms he looked her waist and tugged her towards him in spoon position. Khushi happily nestled herself completely in his warmth and unconsciously kissed his bare chest.
"Good night cara" he saw her angelic face illuminated against the dozens of candles and drifted off to sleep.

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